Interment information

  • Brown is the most frequently found surname (tied with Stewart) in a partial survey of Pencader Cemetery in Glasgow, Delaware, United States.

Brown family tree and history-related websites

  • Immigration: Emphasis on early Immigrants to Chicago's Near West Side: This RootsWeb-hosted site traces several family trees from their points of origin to Chicago, Illinois. Most family trees on this site contain useful information about other families with the same name in the area. The page also links to other Chicago history and genealogy pages that may be useful sources to anyone researching this area. Brown: Ireland to St. Joseph, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois and others. Related names are O'Halloran, Brennan, Corcoran, Gray, Jones, Kelly, Macken, Rynne.
  • Kilbirnie Connections: This RootsWeb-hosted site was created by Mike Kirke of Australia, and researches Brown ancestors who were British soldiers and civil servants in India for c1880 through to 1947. Tree is well sourced/footnoted.