The following are templates that I have either created or use frequently:

new method of doing footnotes<ref name="S1"/> = new method of doing footnotes[1]

assertion{{cn}} = assertionCitation needed

{{sources needed}} =
This page does not have any citations to sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding citations to reliable sources.   

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This is a stronger version of the original "Sources needed" template:
{{sources needed 1}} =
This page does not include citations to reliable sources.
   Please help improve this page (and WeRelate) by adding sources citing or referencing original records
such as birth/marriage/death certificates, military/church/census/land/estate records, etc.   
(NOTE: Undocumented family trees, found in books or online or as GEDCOMs, are not considered reliable.)

{{Help Wanted}} =
 Help Wanted: Do you have information to share? 
   Please contribute or click Talk to leave a message.   

{{nomerge|Family:Name of the other family}} = Do not merge this page with Family:Name of the other family.

{{Merged Page}} =
This page is the result of a merge. Members whose pages were merged into this one are encouraged to check their data, add source citations and make any additions or corrections as needed. Conflicting information may appear, in which case, please use the associated talk page to discuss such discrepancies.
{{FFL}} =
First Families of Louisiana     

This individual is part of the lineage of a certified
Colonial Louisiana Ancestor
by the
Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society

(Click "First Families of Louisiana" for details)

{{Golden bar}} = ________________________________________________________________

{{Blue bar}} = ___________________________________________________________

{{Grey bar}} = _______

{{Template:Pedigree3}} =

Pedigree of {{{subjectName}}}
[[Person:{{{subjectPage}}}|{{{subjectName}}}]] [[Person:{{{fatherPage}}}|{{{fatherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{ffatherPage}}}|{{{ffatherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{fffatherPage}}}|{{{fffatherName}}}]]
[[Person:{{{fmotherPage}}}|{{{fmotherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{fmfatherPage}}}|{{{fmfatherName}}}]]
[[Person:{{{motherPage}}}|{{{motherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{mfatherPage}}}|{{{mfatherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{mffatherPage}}}|{{{mffatherName}}}]]
[[Person:{{{mmotherPage}}}|{{{mmotherName}}}]] [[Person:{{{mmfatherPage}}}|{{{mmfatherName}}}]]

{{Ahnentafel5}} =


SEE: User:Jlanoux/Our Dutch Ancestors