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The Slain

A complete list of those slain at Bloody Brook is not easliy compiled. The following is list compiled from a variety of sources: Capt. Thomas Laythrop. Sgt Thomas Smith, Samuel Stevens, John Hobs

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Name Town Role Src Note
Capt. Thomas Lathrop Salem Comamnder
Thomas Alexander Salem Soldier
John Allen Teamster
Solomon Alley Lynn Soldier
Joseph Balch Beverly Soldier
John Barnard Salem Teamster
Peter Barron Marblehead Soldier Impressed- Capt Samuel Mosely Troop
Philip Barsham Teamster
Thomas Bayley Beverly Soldier Note
John Bennett Manchester Soldier
Henry Bodwell Newbury Soldier impressed at Newbury, Survived
Thomas Buckley Beverly Soldier
Daniel Button Newbury Soldier impressed at Newbury
Joshua Carter Teamster
Adam Clarke Soldier
George Cole Teamster
Samuel Crumpton Salem Soldier
William Dew (Duy) Marblehead Soldier Capt. Lathrop
Josiah Dodge Beverly Soldier
Robert Dutch Ipswich Soldier wounded & survived.
Benjamin Farnell Lynn Soldier
Ephraim Fearah (Ffarah) Soldier
Francis Friend (Ffriende) Soldier
Joseph Gilbert Manchester
Joseph Gillett Teamster
Steven Greenleaf Newbury impressed at Newbury
John Harriman Soldier
Barnabas Hinsdale Deerfield Teamster
John Hinsdale Deerfield Teamster
Robert Hinsdale Deerfield Teamster
Samuel Hinsdale Deerfield Teamster
John Hobbs Ipswich Soldier
John Hobbs Impressed at Newbury
Thomas Hobbs Ipswich Soldier
Robert Holmes Salem Soldier
Samuel Hudson Soldier
Richard Lambert Soldier
Joseph Litheate Manchester
John Littlehale Soldier
* * * * *
Jacob Kilbourne Soldier
Caleb Kimball Soldier
Joseph King Solder
Thomas ManningIpswich Soldier
Eliakim Marshall Teamster
Thomas Menter Ipswich Soldier
John Merrick (Merritt) Manchester Soldier
James Mudge Teamster
John Oates
Abel Oseph (Osyer) Soldier
John Plum Salem Soldier
Jonathan Plympton Teamster
Caleb Richardson In Appleton's Company probably not at Bloody Brook
Daniel Rolf Impressed at Newbury
Benjamin RoperIpswich Soldier
George RopesSalem Soldier
Ezekiel SawyerSalem Soldier
William Smead Teamster
John Stebbins Soldier
Sgt Samuel Stevens Soldier
Samuel Smith
Sgt. Thomas Smith Beverly Soldier
Thomas Smith Impressed at Newbury
Samuel Stevens Soldier
John Toppan Impressed at Newbury, Survived
Edward Trask BeverlySoldier
James Tufts Beverly Teamster
Thomas Very wounded & survived
Jacob Wainright Soldier
Thomas Weller
Stephen Wellman Soldier
John Wheeler impressed at Newbury
Samuel Whittridge Ipswich Soldier
Zebediah Williams Teamster
Robert Wilson BeverlySoldier
Peter Woodberry Soldier

Possible Troups or Planters Robert Hinsdale Samuel Hinsdale Barnabas Hinsdale Joseph Gillett John Allin Joshua Carter John Barnard James Tufts Jonathan Plimpton Philip Barsham Thomas Weller William Smeade Zebadiah Williams Eliakim Marshall James Mudge George Cole

Capt. Moseley's Troops Peter Barron Joan Oates

At the Falls Fight Person:Nathaniel Sutliff (1) William Allis (Deerfield)??