This research homepage details my wife's paternal grandfather's lineage back to Colonial days in Virginia, and further into Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. The large majority of this research came from transcribing Annette Fisher Albin's The Albin’s of Harrison County, Indiana, which includes data from The Virginia Albins by Ethel Winifred Albin.

Notable People

William Albin (b. abt 1710) was the first Albin ancestor to immigrate to Colonial Virginia from Ireland. He, and his neighbor John Bruce, were among the first settlers in the Shenandoah Valley.

John Bruce (b. 1690) was another early settler in the Shenandoah Valley, possibly under the guidance of Jost Hite's son. He founded Brucetown, Virginia. The Bruce ancestry has been traced to 11th Century Scotland.

Revolutionary War soldier George Albin (b. 1758) served in the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, a special group of body guards for General George Washington.

William Bruce (b. 1776) founded Bruceville, Indiana, fought at the Battle of Tippecanoe, and may have hosted a young Abraham Lincoln at his home.

Albin Ahnentafel

This chart shows a five generation sample my Albin relatives who were early Colonial settlers in Virginia. You can browse browse an interactive ahnentafel here.

George H. Albin >
1771, Pennsylvania - Abt 1830, IN, USA
William T. Albin
1805, KY, USA - 1840, IN, USA
Margaret Bruce >
1781, PA, USA - 1877, IN, USA
John N. Albin
1828, IN, USA - 1905, IN, USA
John Gwartney >
1775, Virginia - Aft 1850, IN, USA
Sarah C. Gwartney
1801, VA, USA - 1846, IN, USA
Lucinda Bowen
- 1839, IN, USA
Ebbert Elonzo Albin
1872, IN, USA - 1938, IN, USA
John C. Williams
1808, VA, USA - 1881
Caroline Williams
1832, VA, USA - 1913, VA, USA
Catherine Coffman
1803, VA, USA - 1862
Arlyn Edward Albin
1907, ND, USA - 1965, IN, USA
John George Mossler
- 1852
Frederick G. Mossler
1838 - 1860, IN, USA
Margaret Benman
Mary Magdalene Mossler
1874, IN, USA - 1965, IN, USA
John Wagner
Prussia -
Daniel Wagner
1805, Germany - 1890, IN, USA
Anna Catherine Oppermann
Prussia -
Margarethe Wagner
1842, IN, USA - 1914
John Borsch
1770, Germany - 1833, USA
Anna Elisabeth Borsch
1813, Germany - 1903
Elizabeth Peters
1773, Germany - 1861

Important Sources