About Me

My name is James Vajda, and I'm the amateur genealogist of our family. Although I don't have a lot of time to devote to research, I do keep an active interest in the subject as part of a broader interest in human history.


My main interest has been in researching my Vajda line of ancestors that immigrated from Slovakia around 1880-1890. Of the genealogy that I have submitted to WeRelate, this work is my most original work and most rigorously documented with primary sources. Please contact me if you share this research interest.

Other interests include Shook's in North Carolina, Costanzo's in Chicago and Italy, and the extensively researched Rogers Family of Kentucky.

Why WeRelate?

I have chosen to publish my research on the web using WeRelate for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, I didn't want my research to be lost when I die. Publishing it on the web ensures that information I have discovered will survive me to be accessible to generations to come (especially if more donations are made!). I also want to share my research with family and distant cousins, and the web, of course, is the best way to do that.

There are several services that facilitate the publishing of genealogies to the web, but I chose WeRelate because, unlike most genealogy websites, it has a culture that insists on accurate, primary sourcing, and it also uses standard Wiki software for easy collaboration. There is little data duplication on WeRelate, because each individual has a single page that multiple researchers contribute to. No other genealogy websites offer these advantages.

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