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I have been at genealogy since before computers! (Yes, I'm that old) My interest is in knowing where we come from, the people, times, and realities of their lives. I have a website It sums up some of my philosophy about genealogy and presents my work so far, with all its warts. I uploaded my GEDCOM because I want to help wipe out all the terrible research that has been done and presented as absolutely true and then perpetuated as fact. I'm sure I have some in my own work, so I'm not trying to be smug about it. I just want attention paid to the facts of reality as closely as we can determine them, knowing full well that "facts" are always spun from threads passed through human minds and therefore prone to error. I have been married to Sandy Connors Crossett for 45 years and we have two nice grown men as children. I went to Binghamton University when it was Harpur College and to Syracuse University. I love military history, genealogy and research. I am a retired deacon of the Roman Catholic tradition and that's about it.