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Volume 4, Page 322

Vineyard, some time betw. 1632 and 1642, but authentic hist. kn.
nothing of him. Yet one of the same name wh. may have been his s.
d. at Edgartown, 15 Oct. 1719, in his 85th yr. testif. in Boston, July
1659, that he was a mariner, aged 20.

JOHN, Charlestown, s. of Nicholas of the same, by w. Hannah, d. of
Thomas Lynde, m. 1663, had Nicholas; John; Hannah, perhaps the
eldest, all bapt. 18 June 1671; and Rebecca, 14 Sept. 1673. NICHOLAS,
Charlestown, adm. says Frothingham, a townsman in 1636, had
been the two yrs. bef. capt. of the Planter, wh. brot. many person from
London, by w. Rebecca had Rebecca; John, b. 26 May, bapt. 3 June
1639; was fin. for contempt. of Ct. 1641, rem. early to Woburn, there
had Samuel, 7 May 1643. His d. Rebecca m. 22 May 1655, Thomas
. His wid. Rebecca m. 6 Dec. 1665, Thomas Lynde. Barry,
Framingham, 422, mistook the name Travis.

    TRASK, BENJAMIN, Beverly, s. of Osmond, m. Mary Shattuck, d. of
Samuel of Salem. EDWARD, Beverly s. of Osmond of the same, a
soldier in Lothrop's comp all. flower of Essex, k. at Bloody brook, 18
Sept. 1675. HENRY, Salem, came in the Mary and John 1634, m.
Mary, d. of Lawrence Southwick, had Mary, b. 14 Aug. 1652; Ann, 14
Apr. 1654; Sarah, 27 July 1656; and Henry, Apr. 1669; and perhaps
rem. with his injur. f.-in-law to enjoy the protection of the Sylvesters in
their manorial est. at Shelter isl. at the E. end of L. I. If so, he came
back, and his w. was imprison. many mos. for her perverse relig. but
prob. it was bef. rem. He d. a. 1689, and his wid. m. William Nichols
of Topsfield. His name is pervert. to Thask in the valua. Essex Inst.
Coll. II. 277. JOHN, Salem, s. of capt. William, m. 19 Feb. 1663,
Abigail Parkman, perhaps d. of the first Elias, had sec. w. Hannah,
a d. of John Solart of Wenham, and late in life took Christian, d.
of Humphrey Woodbury, was liv. in 1695 at Beverly and had a
fam. as is believ. no doubt by the first w. wh. were Abigail, b. 19
Nov. 1664; John, 7 June 1667; Mary, 14 July 1669; Samuel, 14 Aug.
1671; Rebecca, 23 Apr. 1674; Nicholas, 26 Mar. 1677; Elias, 13 July
1679; Christian was sad. disturb. in mind and k. herself. OSMOND, Beverly
1660, when he was 35 yrs. old, may have been br. of the preced. by
first w. Mary, m. 1 Jan. 1650, wh. d. 2 Jan. 1663, had Sarah, b. Sept.
1650; Edward, 6 June 1652; John, 15 Aug. 1653; Mary, May 1657; William,
5 July 1660, d. next mo. and prob. Sarah, wh. d. young. Next he
m. 22 May 1663, Elizabeth d. of John Gally, had Mary, wh. m. but d. young
Samuel; Benjamin; Joseph; Elizabeth wh. d. young; William; Jonathan;
and Edward, prob. posthum. He d. early in 1676, his inv. being tak. 5
Mar. His wid. m. John Giles of Salem. * WILLIAM, Salem, one of the
first sett. bef. Endicott, perhaps in 1626. He req. adm. as freem. 19