Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p523


Volume 3, Page 523

had William; prob. Mary; and perhaps Elizabeth unless she belong to sec.
w.; Freeborn, b. 10 Mar. or July 1658; and Benjamin, 30 Dec. 1661;
but he had sec. w. Elizabeth wh. was mo. of these last two, wh. d. young. A
score of yrs. later, wid. Reeves was excommun. by the ch. His will, of 1
Oct. 1677, provid. for d. Elizabeth w. of Richard Richards and her d. Elizabeth his
own s. William, and d. Elizabeth his s.-in-law Ephraim Kempton, h. of his d.
Mary, and her s. John and Ephraim. But material differ. in a later will, 10
May 1681, so enlarg. the devise to K. and his w. and lessen that to William,
as to make dispute in Ct. upon its valid. Other ch. of Richards are ment. as
John, Mary, and Joanna, that may be the same as Joshua. ROBERT, Hartford,
by w. Elizabeth d. of John Nott of Wethersfield, had Sarah, b. 23 Dec.
1663; Mary, 31 July 1665; Elizabeth Dec. 1668; Hannah, Oct. 1670;
Nathaniel, Oct. 1672; Robert and Ann, tw. Apr. 1675; Abraham,
Sept. 1677; and Mehitable, Mar. 1680, made his will 23 Dec. 1680,
and d. in Feb. fol. one of his s. went to L.I. The venerable Dr.
tils in "History of three of the Judges the regicides gave this name
Peirce, p. 352. THOMAS, Roxbury, came in the Bevis 1638, from
Southampton, serv. of Henry Byley of Salisbury, at R. as serv. of
John Gore until 1644, m. at R. 15 Apr. 1645, Hannah Rowe, was
made freem. that yr. had Thomas, bapt. 5 July 1646; rem. that yr. to
Springfield, there had Hannah, 11 Feb. 1649; and John, 12 Mar. 1651,
posthum. d. next yr. was the town drummer and d. 5 Nov. 1650. His
wid. m.
4 June 1651, Richard Exel; Mary, perhaps his d. m. 17 Feb.
1670, William Webster, and was terribly troubled as a witch. THOMAS,
Southampton, L. I. 1673, was b. that goodman R. of the adjoining
town of Southold, made freem. of Conn. 1662; had a. d. wh. m. Peter
Dickinson; perhaps other childr. and it may be that Tapping R. the
learned jurisprud. of Conn. wh. was b. at Southold, driv. blood from
him. WILLIAM, Salem 1668, prob. br. of John, came in the Elizabeth
and Ann from London 1635, aged 22. WILLIAM, Medford, s. of John,
m. 14 Mar. 1670, Elizabeth Collins, had John, b. 12 July 1673, by rec. of
Salem, Cochran, and Elizabeth

    REGION, THOMAS, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675

    REITH, RICHARD, Lynn, m. 16 Feb. 1665, Elizabeth George, as Mr. Felt
copies the rec. The name is strange; but he is found at Marblehead 1674.

    RELPH, RALPH or RELF, THOMAS, Warwick, m. 1655 or 6, Mary,
wid. of John Cooke of the same. But he had liv. some yrs. bef. at Guilford,
there by w. Elizabeth Desborough or Disbrow, had Samuel, and his w.
obt. divorce from him for his fault, and m. 1 Oct. 1651, John Johnson.
He had prob. liv. some time at W. bef. getting the new w. and by her
had Alice, b. 3 Jan. 1657, d. young; Thomas, 12 July 1658; Sarah, 4
Dec. 1661; and Deliverance, 20 Aug. 1666; beside Benjamin, of wh.
the last four with Samuel, are ment. in his will, pro. 1682. It also
names William Fenner, and cousin Samuel Stafford.

    REMICK, CHRISTIAN, Kittery freem. 2. In Maine and New
Hampsh. this name is diffus. and on Cape Cod prob. as descend. are
seen in ea. direction.

    REMIGTON or RIMMINGTON, JOHN, Newbury, 1637, freem. 22 May
1639, rem. to incorp. with Bradstreet, Denison and others as milit. comp.