Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p206


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Volume 3, Page 206

1663; John; Ezekiel, 1642; Timothy, 1644; Nathaniel, 1646; Stephen,
1651; and two ds. of wh. one was Mary. THOMAS, Scituate s.
of the preced. preach. some yrs. m. at Roxbury, 8 Nov. 1669, Bethia, d.
perhaps, of Joseph.[1] (more prob. of Daniel) Weld, and had d. Elizabeth bapt.
30 Apr. 1671; and Hannah, 22 Mar. 1674; bef. going to S. and there
had Mary, b. 1683, Samuel, 1685, H. C. 1704; and Grace, 1688, was
ord. over the sec. ch. at S. 15 Oct. 1684, and d. 26 Aug. 1689. Deane.
His s. Samuel taught the gr. sch. at Hadley, perhaps aft. at Milton, m.
and liv. some yrs. at Hartford, but was poor, went back to Hadley, d. at
S. Hadley 11 Apr. 1769, long support. by the town.

    MILBURNE, WILLIAM, Saco, was the min. 1685, acc. Folsom, 137,
prob. d. at Boston, Aug. 1699.

    MILBURY or MILLBURY, HENRY, York 1680, had a fam. for the will
of William Dixon gave something to his childr. and he may have m. a
d. of Dixon. RICHARD, York 1680, perhaps s. of the preced. sw. alleg.
1681, as did Henry.

    MILDMAY, WILLIAM, s. of Sir Henry of Graces, in Essex, H. C.
1647, tho. sent by his f. with a tutor from Eng. Richard Lyon, is ranked
lowest in his class, yet had his A. M. in regul. course. Sir Walter, of
the same fam. was founder, in the time of Queen Elizabeth of Emanuel Coll.
at the Univ. of Cambridge, wh. supplied N. E. in its early days, as
Farmer remarks, with some of the chief lights that illumin. its chhs. and
well may be added the venerab. Gov. Bradstreet.

    MILES, BENJAMIN, Dedham, s. of Samuel, freem. 1678. JOHN, Concord
1637 freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 11 Feb.
1640, and, perhaps, no other ch. His w. d. 18 July 1678, and he m.
Susanna, wid. of John Rediat, had John, b. 20 May 1680; Samuel, 19[3]
Feb. 1682; and Sarah, 25 May[2] 1686; d. 28 Aug. 1693, hav. made his
will two yrs. bef. in wh. are ment. ch. of both ws. His wid. m. 10 Nov.
1698, William Wilson of Billerica Sarah m. 10 May 1670, Edward
Putnam of Salem
. JOHN, New Haven, s. of the first Richard, m. 11
Apr. 1665, Elizabeth d. of John Harriman of the same, had Elizabeth b. 21 Dec.
foll.; John, 9 Jan. 1668; Mary, 10 Mar. 1670; Richard, 21 Mar.
1672; and Samuel, 6 Apr. 1674. His w. d. 31 Dec. 1675, and he m. 2
Nov. 1680, Mary, d. of Joseph Alsop, of the same, had Hannah, 10 Aug.
1681; Daniel, 20 Sept. 1683; and Joseph, 26 Oct. 1690. He was a capt. made
his will 28 Nov. 1700, but liv. to 7 Nov. 1704; and the wid. d. 16 0ct.
1705; freem. 1669, lieut. in 1675, and propr. in 1685. JOHN, Boston,
min. of the first Bapt. ch. rem. 1683 to Swansey. JOHN, Concord, s. of
the first John, m. 16 Apr. 1702, Mary, d. of Dr. Jonathan Prescot, had
John, b. 24 Dec. 1704, Jonathan, 13 Feb. 1706; Mary, 18 Oct. 1709;
Elizabeth 16 Nov. 1714, d. young, James, 1 Aug. 1719; and Benjamin, 26