Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p194


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Volume 3, Page 194

Hibbell wh. had d. bef. her f. He was a tanner, had large est. and
some books, of wh. one was a Latin and Greek Dict. JOHN, Guilford,
s. of the preced. m. 1665, Sarah Wilcoxson, had Sarah, b. 14 Feb.
1668; John, 10 Nov. 1670; a s. Janna, 21 Dec. 1672; Ebenezer, 19
Sept. 1675; Hannah, 25 Feb. 1678; Esther, 10 Nov. 1680; and
Mindwell, 1682. He had sec. w. Lydia, perhaps wid. of Isaac Cruttenden,
and d. 9 Nov. 1713. His s. John, with his f. were proprs. 1695,
at G. MARK, New Haven 1646 or 7, br. of the first John, being
rather wild, rem. to L. I. and is not ment. again. VINCENT, New
Haven 1646, prob. carr. thither by s. John, he being an old man, hav.
only two ch. kn. to us, rem. to Guilford, and again rem. d. at what is
now Killingworth, Dec. 1638, his will of 2 Sept. being pro. 2 Dec. of
that yr. A slight fam. acc. is in Geneal. Reg.IV.91, very imperf.
better than nothing, but not much. Early the name is Meggs always.

    MELBY, NATHANIEL, Hull, freem. 1680, seems to me a wrong name.
I never heard of it in N. E.

    MELCHER, EDWARD, Portsmouth 1684, d. 1695. The name remains
in N. H.

    MELLEN, MELIN, MELLING, or other var ISAAC, New Haven 1657,
rem. soon aft. 1664, prob. to Virginia. JACOB, New Haven, br. of
Isaac. See Melyen. JAMES, Malden, s. of Richard, m. a. 1658, Elizabeth
d. of Richard Dexter, had Elizabeth b. 4 Sept. 1659; Mary, 8 July 1661, d.
soon; James, 14 Apr. 1663; Mary, again, 1664; Richard 24 Apr.
1665; John, 17 Sept. 1666; Sarah, 27 Nov. 1668; Thomas, 11 May
1670; William, 22 Aug. 1671; and he d. bef. 15 June 1680, when
adm. of his. est. was giv. to his w. Elizabeth wh. m. that yr. Stephen
. JOHN, perhaps of Watertown, s. it may be, of James, m. Elizabeth
of John Gale, d. of Henry Spring, wh. in his will of 29 June
1695, names her, when Barry thinks the h. may have been d. RICHARD,
Weymouth, freem. 7 Sept. 1639, rem. to Charlestown, there had
James, b. 4 June 1642, bef ment. unless the date be wrong, as of the
rec. is the name Mellers, wh. deceiv. Farmer, making him think it was
a real new name. See Geneal. Reg. 1. 194 and lV. 269. He had,
also, at Weymouth, if the date be right. Sarah, 4 Apr. 1643; prob.
Mary, and, perhaps, otbers. Of no fam. in the land is the investigat.
more difiicult, the spell. more various, the dates more perverse, the
deficiencies more num. SAMUEL, Fairfield, d. bef. 1659, and John
Ufford of Milford had admin. It may be that this gent. was Dutch,
from Monhados, now New York. SIMON, Boston, on Winnisemet side,
perhaps s. of Richard by w. Mary, had Simon, b. 25 Sept. 1665; rem.
to Malden, had Thomas, Aug. 1668; Richard, 2 Mar. 1672; Mary;
James, a. 1682; and John, b. in Watertown, 29 Jan. 1686; rem. to