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Volume 3, Page 193

wh. prob. d. soon; and John, 3 mos.; and his w. Elizabeth join. our ch.
July 1636; had Stephen, b. 25 Dec. or earlier, bapt. same mo. 1637,
Samuel, 7, bapt. 13 June 1641; and James, 3, bapt. 31 Mar. 1644.
His will, of 20 Feb. 1667, pro. 10 Sept. foll. ment. w. Elizabeth ch. Samuel,
and James, and gr;ch. John, s. of John, dec. SAMUEL, Boston, s. of the
by w. Mary had Stephen, b. 21 Nov. 1665; EIiz. 9 Apr. 1668;
Samuel, 22 May 1671; and Mary, 26 Nov. 1673.

    MEASURE or MASUER, WILLIAM, New London 1664, m. that yr.
Alice, wid. of Jokn Tinker, rem. to Lyme bef. 1671, was rep. 1676, d.
24 Mar. 1688, and admin. of his est. was giv. 26 June of that yr. to
Alice, his wid. b Sir E. Andros.

    MECARTER or MACARTY, JOHN, Salem, m. 27 Jan. 1675, Rebecca,
perhaps d.
of Jeremiah Meacham, had John, b. 13 Jan. foll.; Rebecca, 4
Feb. 1678; Jeremiah, 9 Sept. 1679; Peter, 1 Nov. 1681; Andrew, 6 June
1684; James, 17 Nov. 1686; Isaac, 3 June 1689; and Rebecca, again, 6 Feb.
1691. The spell. of this name is from Essex Inst. II. 298.

L. I. 1656. His wid. Mary m. Thomas Case of Fairfield, bef. 1661. THOMAS,
Milford 1658, rem. to Guilford 1667, was a propr. 1685.

    MEDBURY, JOHN, Swansey, by w. Sarah had Benjamin, b. 5 Mar.
1682 or 3.

    MEECH, JOHN, Charlestown, rec. says, was there 1629, but no more is
ever heard. Young's Chron. 375.

    MEEK, RICHARD, Marblehead 1668.

    MEEKER, MECAR or MEAKER, ROBERT, New Haven, m. 1651,
Susan Turberfield, rem. to Fairfield, bef. 1670. WILLIAM, New Haven
1657 sued Thomas Mulliner that yr. for slander in bewitching his pigs.

    MEER or MEERS, THOMAS, Salem, d. Sept. 1674, of wh. we kn. only
that his br. John was made admor.

    MEGAPOLENSIS, JOHN, s. of a min. of the same name, came in the
sum. of 1642, aged 39, with w. 42, to New York from Holland, and was
first employ. by the patroon, Van Rensselaer, up the river, but soon aft.
is found at the city, and lastly on L. I. While at Albany, he wrote
1644, his acco. of the Maquas, or Mohawks. He had Hellegord, Dirck,
Jan, and Samuel, of the ages respectively, 14, 12, 10 and 8, that is, I
imagine at the time of arr. Samuel was sent to H. C. 1657, stud.
there 3 yrs.thence to Leyden Univ. where he was adm. M. D. was
licens. as min. came back to New Amsterdam, and was the dominie, yet
of such good capac. for worldly affairs, that Gov. Stuyvesant made him
one of the Commissr. for adjust. the terms of surrender of that Prov.
1665, to the Eng.

    MEGDANIEL, JOHN, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 13 Sept. 1659.

    MEIGGS, JOHN, Weymouth, s. of Vincent, b. in Eng. had John, b. 29
Feb. 1642, rem. prob. to Rehoboth 1643, next to New Haven, a 1647,
not long aft. a. 1654, to Guilford, thence, last, a. 1662, to Killingworth,
where both he and s. John are in the list of freem. 1669, d. 4 Jan. 1672.
He had only one s. four ds. Mary, w. of William Stevens, Concurrence,
w. of Henry Crane; Trial, w. of Andrew Ward; and Elizabeth w. of Richard