Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p130


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Volume 3, Page 130

    LUDWELL, JOHN, a passeng. aged 50, in the Confidence from Southampton
1638, hut no more is kn. of him.

    LUFKIN, HUGH, Salem 1654, says Farmer, and I can add nothing.
THOMAS, Gloucester, perhaps s. of Hugh, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 16
Nov. 1674; Ebenezer, 18 May 1676; Abraham and Isaac, tw. 14 and
16 Feb. says the rec. without ment. of the yr. but it adds (as we might
expect), d. same mo.; and Thomas, 9 Apr. 1682. The name is spell.
Lovekin or Loufken. Lufkin is a name at Dedham, in Old Eng.

    LUGG or LUGGE, JOHN, Boston 1637, by w. Jane had Elizabeth b. 7
Mar. 1638, bapt. 24 Mar. 1639, the mo. aft. his w. join. to the ch.;
Mary, b. Aug. 1642, but the rec. of her bapt. 25 Sept. adds, "a. 4 days
old;" and John, 4 Aug. 1644, a. 2 days old; and he d. 1647. He is,
I presume, the man wh. Felt enumer. among Salem people, as John
Lutf, hav. gr. of ld. 1637, because that name never occurs elsewhere
except in the list of passeng. to pass for N. E. in the Mary and John,
who took the o. of supremacy and alleg. 24 Mar. 1634. Final letters
are easily mistaken; and very many of such grants were ineffect.
In the will of Samuel Hagborne of Roxbury, 24 July 1643, are giv.
"unto my br. Lugrr four bushels of corn, and my suit of apparel."
His d. Mary m. 21 Feb. 1659, Nathaniel Barnard. Possib. there
were both Luff and Lugg with common name of John, but it appears
very unlikely.

    LUIN, HENRY, Boston, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1636;
Elizabeth 27 Mar. 1638; and Ephraim, 16 Jan. 1640.

    LUKE, GEORGE, Charlestown, by w. Hannah had George, bapt. 6
Mar. 1687.

    LULL, THOMAS, Ipswich, freem. 1672.

    LUM, JOHN, Southampton, L. I. 1641, perhaps liv. in 1673, when
John Knowles of Fairfield writes the name in his will Loom.

    LUMBARD, or LUMBART. See Lombard.

    LUMUS. See Loomis.

    LUMPKIN, RICHARD, Ipswich, from Boxted, in Essex, was freem. 2
May 1638, and rep. the same yr. d. 1642, prob. without ch. His wid.
m. deac Simon Stone of Watertown, ana d. 1663, in her will of 25
Mar. in that yr. ment. no ch. by either h. but gives her prop. to h. Stone,
to kinsmen John and Daniel Warner, and Thomas Wells. See Geneal.
Reg. VIIL 71. WILLIAM, Yarmouth 1643, by w. Thomasine had
Thomasine, b. 1626, wh. m. Samuel Mayo of Barnstable; and John
Sunderland for sec. h.; perhaps Hannah, wh. prob. m. John Gray;
ano. d. m. an Eldridge; but no s. and d. 1671. His will, of 23 July
1668, names his w. Thomasine.

    LUND, THOMAS, Boston, merch. brot. from London 1646, power from