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Volume 3, Page 129

be sure, from Norwich, Eng. own sev. pieces of ld. in our Hingham,
sold by him in 1671. His w. Hannah, d. perhaps, of George Hepbourne,
was rec. into the ch. Apr. 1650, yet I find not in Budington's
valua. list his adm. tho. he was chos. deac. Feb. 1672. Nor is the
acco. much better of ch. for we hear only of Hannah, w. of Samuel
Dowse, join. the ch. 15 June 1673. He d. 26 Mar. 1694, In 76th yr.
and his wid. Hannah, d. of Richard Miller, wh. had been wid. of Nathaniel
Dade, and of John Edmunds, he had m. 22 May 1684, and she
d. 13 Dec. 1717, if the gr.stones are correct. GEORGE, Hingham, one
of the first drawers for house lots, 1635, came from Norwich, Co. Norf'k.
with w. and s. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Braintree, there d. 22 Feb.
1648. WILLIAM, Hingham, perhaps br. of the preced. a locksmith, b.
at Norwich, aged 33, and his w. Elizabeth aged 34, with one ch. and one
serv. Thomas Howes, as we learn from the declar. 8 Apr. 1637, came
that season from Ipswich, arr. at Boston, 20 June, freem. Mar. foll. in
Boston his d. Esther was bur. Oct. 1645, ar. co. 1651, chos. constable 8
Mar. and drown. 27 Mar. 1652, leav. wid. Elizabeth and two ch.

    LUDLOW, GEORGE, a gent. with prefix of respect, req. adm. 19 Oct.
1630 as freem. was, perhaps, kinsman of Roger L. then one of the
Assist. and may have accomp. him in the Mary and John to Dorchester,
but prob. went home in the spring of the foll. yr. for it may be infer.
from Col. Rec. of 1 Mar. that a petit. from Eng. had been receiv. to wh.
his attent. was to be request. by the Gov. and Council. HENRY,
Huntington, L. I. adm. freem. of Conn. 1664; may have been s. of
Roger, but we kn. nothing of it. ROGER, Dorchester, came in the
Mary and John from Plymouth, May 1630, an Assist. chos. at the last
gen. court in London, 10 Feb. 1630, and first attend. at the first Assist.
court in Charlestown, Aug. foll. in 1634 was made dept.-gov. but left out
next yr. hav. infirmity of temper. He rem. 1635, to Windsor, and in
the civil line was chief of a commiss. of eight from Mass. with unlimit.
power, 1636, for some time; was engag. in the Pequot war; and the
first dept.-gov. of the Col. of CODD. rem. to Fairfield a. 1639, and early
in 1641 bot. from the Ind. the territ. on E. side of Norwalk riv. was
employ. in 1646 for reduc. their laws to a system, and was Commissnr.
1651, 2, and 3 in the congr. of the Unit. Col. of N. E. but went off
next yr. to Virg. in some disgust, and there pass. the residue of his days,
under a maledict. for carrying away the town rec. wh. was a charge
long aft. refut. by find. the vol. in town. He had a ch. b. at W. but the
does not tell the Dame; and his d. Sarah m. Rev. Nathaniel Brewster of
Brookhaven. That the habit. heedlessness of Mather, II. 33,
made his name William, is less matter of surprise than that Farmer was
blinded by the blunder. Its origin was prob. reading Mr. as abbrev. for