Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p358


Volume 2, Page 358

    HARNETT, EDWARD, Salem 1640, had gr. of ld. the yr. preced. as had
also Edward, jr. prob. his s. wh was adm. of the ch. 1646, three yrs. after
the sen. Perhaps it was the elder, wh. with w. Priscilla, suffer. for
favoring, the Quakers 1658; but doubt is felt, wh. of them it was that had
Jonathan, bapt. 17 Nov. 1650; and Eunice, 3 Sept. 1654. Prob. the younger
Edward m. a d. of Jonathan Porter of Huntington, L. I.

    HARNSON, EDWARD, Wethersfield 1644, fined £5. for slander of Mr. Chester.

    HARPER, JOSEPH, was of Braintree, says Farmer, at an early period; but the yr.
is not ment. Dorcas, perhaps his d. m. at Boston, 20 Mar. 1657, Isaac Woody.
ROBERT, Sandwich, a Quaker, in 1659, at Boston, sentenc. to 15 stripes; m. 22 June
1666; Prudence Butley, as sec. w. but by former w. one, Deborah whose surname is not
seen, had Experience, b. Nov. 1657; Stephen, June 1662; and Mary, 10 July 1665.
On 14 Oct. foll. his w. d. and by the sec. w. beside Hannah, in May 1670, he had
Mercy, I am glad to see, 12 June 1675.

s. of the first Edward, m. 15 Jan. 1696, Deborah Norwood, d. 3 Feb. 1725, leav. s.
Caleb, Joseph, and Ebenezer, but had others wh. d. young. EDWARD, Gloucester
1658, may have been of Ipswich in 1651, by w. Sarah had Andrew, b. 13 Jan.
1659; Ann, 2 Mar. 1661; John, 1663; Thomas, 1665; Joseph, 18 Aug. 1668;
Sarah, 30 July 1670, d. at two yrs.; and Benjamin, 11 Sept. 1671. He d. 17 May
1683, and his wid. d. 4 Mar. 1691. EDWARD, Gloucester, s. of the preced. m. 5
Feb. 1684, Sarah, d. of the first William Haskell, and sec. w. in 1693, Hannah York;
by the two hav. eighteen ch. not nam. in Babson. JOHN, Gloucester, br. of the preced.
m. Sarah Giddings of Ipswich, whose f. is not kn. had sev. ch. of wh. Andrew alone
is nam. by Babson, as d. one mo. aft. his f. and his w. d. a. two yrs. bef. her h. wh. d.
11 Nov. 1724. JOSEPH, Gloucester, br. of the preced. had two ws. but ch. is not ment.
and he d. 10 May 1716. Prob. this fam. was perpet. in the next generat. at Salem. A
doctor H. there in 1689 is ment. by Felt.

    HARRIMAN, JOHN, New Haven 1646, innholder, had w. Elizabeth who
d. 0 Jan. 1681; s. John, bapt. 24 Jan. 1647, H. C. 1667; and Elizabeth
23 July 1648; and he d. 21 Nov. 1683. In his will, 1681, he calls hims.
stricken in yrs. names only s. John, and his ch. John, and Samuel;
beside s.-in-law John Miles, wh. had m. Elizabeth 11 Apr. 1665, and his
ch. John, Richard, Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary. JOHN, New Haven,
s. of the preced. taught the sch. sev. yrs. and preached at New
Haven, and Wallingford, rem. 1690, or earlier, to Elizabethtown
and was their sett. min. He had been m. to Hannah, d. of Richard
Bryan of Milford, had Samuel, b. 25 June 1676; Ann, 5 July
1678; Mary, 7 Nov. 1680, d. young; Leonard, 5 June 1683;
and Richard, 9 Aug. 1685; was employ. as mathemat. by
the governm. in taking latitude of places in the bound. betw.
Mass. and Conn. He had in 1692 num. fam. seven s. as he is
careful to instruct the proprs. of his parish in N. J. wh. he served until
1704, so that he had some after leav. his native town. His s. John, a
cordwainer; of Elizabethtown, had w. Abigail, in 1703, when he claim. the est.
at New Haven giv. him by his f. or gr.f. Bacon's Hist.Disc. 158-60, and Coll.
N. J. Hist. Soc. I. 168. JONATHAN, Rowley, youngest s. of Leonard, by w.
Sarah had a d. b. 1686; and by sec. w. Margaret Wood, perhaps d. of Thomas,
had Jonathan, b. 1692; Leonard,