Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p357


Volume 2, Page 357

Samuel, 27 Jan. 1653; Rebecca, 12 June 1655; and William, 2 June 1657; by sec.
w. m. 15 July 1658, Mary, d. of John Faunce, had Mary, 19 May 1659;
Repentance, 22 Nov. 1660; Benjamin, 19 Oct. 1662; and Nathaniel, 30 Sept. 1664.
His w. d. 4 days after, and he m. 25 Jan. 1666, Mary Shell, who surv. him, and
had Hannah, 28 Oct. 1666; Bathsua, 21 Apr. 1668, tho. Col. Rec. says 1667;
Joanna, 24 Mar. 1670; Mehitable, 4 Oct. 1672; and Judith, 2 Aug. 1676. He d.
26[1] 25 Aug. 1691; and his wid. m. Ephraim Morton. WILLIAM, Plymouth, s. of
the preced. m. Lydia, d. of famous Elder Thomas Cushman, had Elizabeth b. 3 Feb.
1684; Thomas, 17 Mar. 1686; a d. 5 Feb. 1688, wh. d. in four wks.; Lydia;
William; Robert; Mary; Isaac; and Rebecca.

    HARLS, THOMAS, Pemaquid, sw. fidel. to Mass. 1674.

    HARMAN, HARMON or HERMAN, FRANCIS, came in the Love, 1635, aged
43, from London, with ch. John, 12; and Sarah, 10; but no more is kn. of him.
JAMES, Saco 1655. JOHN, Springfield 1644, brot. there John, and Samuel; had,
there, Sarah, b. 24 Sept. 1644; Joseph, 4 Jan. 1647; Elizabeth 1649, d. young;
Mary, 12 Nov. 1651; Nathaniel, 13 Mar. 1654; Ebenezer, 12 Aug. 1657, drown. at
3 yrs.; d. 7 May 1661. His wid. m. Anthony Dorchester; and of all the surv.
ch. acco. is short, viz. Sarah m. 1661, Charles Ferry; Mary m. John
Dorchester; John, the s. liv. at Springfield, and betw. 1669 and 80 had five
ch. was freem. 1690; Samuel d. at S. 7 Sept. 1677, without issue; Joseph had
two ch. b. at Springfield, rem. to Suffield, and had seven more, all b. betw.
1675 and 92. Nathaniel liv. at Suffield, had, after 1686, ten ch. JOHN,
Plymouth 1643, Duxbury 1657, m. a d. of Henry Sampson, may have been of Saco
1652, and again in 1680, when he was promin. man. JOSEPH, Kittery 1674.
NATHANIEL, Braintree, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth, had Nathaniel,
b.. 8 Feb. 1641; and Mary, 15 Feb. 1643; freem. 10 May foll.; had also Sarah,
3 Mar. 1653; Jonathan, June 1654; and Ephraim, 30 Oct. 1656; beside Hannah, 28 Jan.
1659. SAMUEL, Boston 1689, Samuel,bapt. 18 Sept. 1692; and Sarah, 2 Aug. 1696.
THOMAS, was drown. 23 Dec. 1701.

    HARMER, EPHRAIM, Rehoboth, d. 27 Aug. 1679. But the will of
ano. E. H. of 31 Mar. 1683, at London, pro. bef. Sir Leoline Jenkins in the
Prerog. Court at Doctor's Commons, was sent here the yr. foll. for
ancilla. admin. by his br. Richard Ford, the excor. who made his Attys.
here Josiah Torrey, John Dassett, and Jonathan Bliss. Yet I kn. not whether he
ever liv. in N. E.

    HARNDALE, HORNDEL or HARNDEL, BENJAMIN, Lynn 1647, as giv. by
Farmer, was, I suspect, Harnden, wh. spread at Reading, where BENJAMIN, JOHN,
RICHARD, and WILLIAM, perhaps f. and three s. are call. early sett. and Richard was
freem. 1691. JOHN, Newport, with wh. my little acquaint. is deriv. from his
will of 9 Feb. 1685, wh. ment. d. Mary, w. of John Stanton, and her ch.
Robert, Benjamin, Mary, and Hannah; and d. Rebecca, w. of Hugh Moshier.
Perhaps he was of New Haven 1644.