Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p25

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Volume 2, Page 25

1647, in 1653 banish. from the Col. for threatening Gov. Hopkins, may have,
but not prob. come for refuge to Boston, there by w. Mary had Robert, b. 29
Mar. 1655; Mary, 12 Apr. 1657; and Samuel, 1 May 1660. WILLIAM, Braintree,
came in the Planter 1635, a bricklayer, aged 15, by the custom ho. reg. in London, m.
Susanna, eldest d. of John Mills, had Ambrose, b. 24 July 1642; rem. to Boston, in 1652,
there had William, b. 8 Mar. 1655; and Robert a. 1656; freem. 1646, d. 24 Mar. 1703, aet.
86, says the rec. I think he had, also, Hannah, 7 Jan. 1660; but the rec. gives her to John
and Susanna, and very good reason is kn. for distrust of that vol. Robert was a soldier
under Capt. Turner 1676, on Conn. riv. Susan, possib. a sis. aged 16, came in
the Blessing 1635, later in the yr.

    DAWSE, JOSEPH, Charlestown, is print. as one of Moseley's comp. Dec.
1675, perhaps for Dowse.

    DAWSON, DANIEL, Ipswich, may easily be mispr. for Davison. But Coffin,
in Geneal. Reg. VI. 250 calls wid. 1693, Margaret. Yet she may have been sec.
w. of Davison. GEORGE, Boston 1679, a Quaker, wh. had been whip. for attend.
the meeting 1677. HENRY, Boston, adm. of the ch. 16 May 1641, freem. 2 June
after, a laborer, whose w. was in Eng. He was in the employm. of William
Hudson, jr. wh. when he went to serv. in the Parliament's cause against the
king, left the care of his fam. two yrs. to this young man in conseq. of wh.
he was brot. into great peril of his life, as set forth in Winthrop II. 249.
Prob. he repent. soon, for he was in Oct. 1646, restor. to his rank. HENRY,
Boston, a soldier, in the comp. of Capt. William Turner in Feb. at Medfield,
and on Conn. riv. Apr. 1676, under Capt. Pierce, freem. 1678. HENRY, Boston,
perhaps s. of the preced. if not the same, freem. 1690, had bapt. at 2d ch.
Thomas, 22 Nov. 1691; James, 9 Feb. 1696; Hannah, 20 Mar. 1698; and Elizabeth 31
Mar. 1700. ROBERT, New Haven, had John, b. 1677, by first w. Sarah, d. of
William Tuttle, as erron. has been said, and m. next Hannah, wid. of John
, had Thomas, b. 1693.

    DAWSTIN, JOSIAS, Medford or Reading 1640, by the first deed in Suffk.
reg. took grant of his messuage from Matthew Cradock, Esqr. of London,
skinner, former Gov. of the Mass. Bay Col. 26 Apr. 1641. In Reading, rec. of
b. of his ch. Hannah, 20 Feb. 1649, wh. d. Nov. foll. and Sarah, 25 Sept.
1653, the name is giv. without w.

    DAY, ANTHONY, Gloucester 1645, had w. Susanna, and seven ch. John b. 28
Apr. 1657; Ezekiel, 12 Mar. 1660, d. soon; Ezekiel, again, 19 May 1662;
Nathaniel, 9 Sept. 1665; Elizabeth 2 Apr. 1667; Samuel, 25 Feb. 1670; and Joseph,
4 Apr. 1672; beside elder ones, Thomas, and Timothy, of unkn. dates; and d. 23 Apr.
1707, aged 90. His wid. d. 10 Dec. 1717, aged 93.
EZEKIEL, Gloucester, s. of Anthony, m. 27 Jan. 1690, Mary, d. of Hugh
Rowe, and d. 18 Feb. 1725, leav. five s. lib. Ezekiel, Pelatiah, Samuel,
Nathaniel, and Jonathan. He was one of the witness. 15 July 1692,
to the invasion by the French or Ind. or Devils, whose story is in its proper
place in Mather, Magn. VII. 83. ISAAC, Cambridge, by w. Susanna had Robert, b.
24 Oct. 1686; and Susanna, 28 Nov. 1688. Robert d. 4 Feb. 1688. He was a