Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p24

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Volume 2, Page 24

to w. Mary, and childr. not nam. WILLIAM, Haverhill, m. 31 Dec. 1700, Mary, d.
of John Kelly, jr. of Newbury. ZACHARY, Newbury, s. of John of the same, m. 4
Feb. 1681, Judith Brown, had Judith, b. 7 Sept. 1684, d. at 18 yrs.; and Elizabeth
26 Apr. 1687. In many instances, some of the above nam. are spelled Davies, as
well as Davis; and the utmost care, in arranging relationsh. betw. parties
with a name so wide. diffus. will sometimes be at fault. "A courageous
soldier," is the designat. of a serj. D. in the Pequot war 1637; but wh. can
individualize him? There came in the Elizabeth 1635, from London to Boston,
Margaret Davis, aged 32, with her ch. John, 9; Mary, 4; and Elizabeth 1; the w.
and fam. no doubt a Dolor wh. had come a yr. or two bef. Twenty of
this name had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. and as many more at the other N. E.

    DAVISON, * DANIEL, Ipswich, prob. s. of Nicholas, rem. to Newbury, m.
Abigail, d.
of Peter Coffin of Dover, had Nicholas, b. 16 May 1680; Sarah, 1
Feb. 1682; Daniel, 23 May 1686; Mary, 21 May, 1689; and Peter, 20 Oct. 1692;
was a man of note, ar. co. 1672, maj. of the Co. regim. had liv. first at
Charlestown, was a merch. in 1676, by w. Abigail had Abigail, bapt. 13 Feb. of
that yr.; and Joanna, 29 Apr. 1677; both at C.; may have short time rem. to
Stonington. ║ NICHOLAS, Charlestown 1639, one of the chief men, agent of Gov.
, by w. Joanna Hodges had Daniel and Sarah, wh. m. 24 Mar. 1665, Joseph
Lynde, ar. co. 1648, went home 1655, prob. on business, and came back 1656, in
the Speedwell, then 45 yrs. old, and d. 1664, leav. good est. His will of 26
Mar. 1655, made in view of a voyage to Barbados, thence to . Eng. pro. 11 July
1664, names w. Joan, ch. Daniel, and Sarah, br. John of wh. he kn. not where
he was, sis.-in-law Mary Hodges, w. of br.-in-law John Anderson, two neph. or
nieces, perhaps not in our country, and childr. of br. Jeremy D. dec. wh. was
m. and liv. at Lynn, Eng. as late as 1652. An Ind. sagamore gave him mortge.
of Nahant. His inv. incl. land in Boston, Charlestown, Pemaquid, and a. 2100
acres near Windsor on both sides of the Conn. was £1869.11.11. PETER,
Stonington, a. 1680 or 90, was perhaps br. of Daniel, or of THOMAS, wh. was in
the same quarter at that time.

    DAWDY. See Dady.

    DAWES, AMBROSE, Boston, s. of William, freem. 1671, m. Mary, d. of
Thomas Bumstead, had Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1664; Rebecca, 25 Feb. 1666; Susanna,19
Mar. 1668, d.young; William, 19 Dec. 1671; Susannah, again, 11 Jan. 1674;
Joseph, 21 Oct. 1677; and Thomas, 1 Nov 1680. FRANCIS, Boston, had Elizabeth wh.
m. 16 Oct. 1659, Samuel Miles. This man may have writ. his name Dowse, wh.
see. JOHN, Windsor