Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p480

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Volume 1, Page 480

b. 1662; Samuel; Mehitable; Lydia; Jeremiah; Elizabeth; Susanna; and
Hannah; prob. in differ. order of success. and d. 28 Jan. 1689; and his
wid. d. 23 Feb. 1715. The name bec. Crowell in the third generat.
JOHN, Billerica, a propr. 1655. NATHANIEL, Hartford, s. of John, by
w. Deborah had Eliz. b. 1685; John, 1687; and Deborah, 1694; and
he d. 1695. His wid. m. Andrew Warner, and d. 1697. SAMUEL,
Hadley, br. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of William Lewis of Farmington,
had Samuel, and Mary, was k. May 1676 in the Falls fight. His wid.
m. the same yr. Daniel Marsh. SAMUEL; Windsor, s. prob. of the first
Christopher, m. 30 Jan. 1690, Martha, d. of John Moses of the same,
had Martha, b. 13 Nov. foll. THOMAS, Yarmouth. His est. is still
enjoy. by descend. See Crowell. WILLIAM, Plymouth 1643, able to
bear arms, m. 1 Apr. 1664, Hannah, d. of first Josiah Winslow, had no
ch. d. Jan. 1684, aged a. 55, says her gr.stone, in his will ment. brs.
Samuel, Robert, and Thomas, all of Coventry, Eng. YELVERTON, or
ELVERTON, Plymouth, had, in 1643, been of Yarmouth, there had
Thomas and Elizabeth tw. b. 9 May 1649; rep. 1663. Baylies, II. 55.

    CROWELL, JOHN, Yarmouth. See Crow. THOMAS, Yarmouth, perhaps
br. of John, by w. Agnes had (beside, perhaps, others), John,
Thomas, and Lydia; d. 9 Mar. 1690, leav. wid. and those ch. Lydia
m. Feb. 1677, Ebenezer Goodspeed.

    CROWFOOT, JOSEPH, Springfield 1658, freem. 1672, m. 14 Apr. 1658,
Mary Hillier, d. 8 Apr. 1678, leav. Joseph, Mary, John, Samuel, James, Daniel,
Matthew, and David. SAMUEL, Hadley, s. of Joseph, m. Mary, d. of Isaac
; wh. d. 9 Apr. 1702, had six ch. by her, and m. 30 Nov. 1704, Abigail,
d. of John Dickinson, first of the same, wid. of Thomas Croft, had Sarah,
b. 25 May 1706; his w. d. 1714, and he d. 10 Oct. 1733, aged 71, as his
gr.stone tells. In Conn. some descend. write their name Crowfut or Crofut.

    CROWNE, HENRY, Newcastle 1676, perhaps s. of William, m. 1 May
of that yr. Alice Rogers, had John, b. 10 Nov. 1679; Elizabeth 27 May
1684; Agnes, 19 July 1686; Rebecca, 23 Jan. 1690; and William, 1
Jan. 1692; kept an alehouse 1683. WILLIAM, Boston 1657, came with
a patent of 8 Sept. 1656 from his Highness, Oliver, Lord Protector, & c.
in conjunct. with the Sieur de La Tour, and Col. Thomas Temple. He
was to have, in div. of this grand province of Acadia, all W. of Machias
for 30 lea. includ. Penobscot, and up Machias riv. 130 lea. on its W.
bank; was freem. 1660, and had more productive, tho. narrower, est. by
gr. of the Col. 500 acres near Sudbury in 1662, and by purchase of
1674 at Mendham. See a valua. paper in Geneal. Reg. VI. 46, a. his
serv. as friend of N. E. But I do not concur with the writer in claim.
his s. John, the poet, "as an American by b." wh. in my opin. preced.
the first com. of his f. hither.

    CROWTHER, JOHN, Portsmouth 1631, sent by Mason the patentee,
was there 1640.