From Source:Crowell, Levi. John Crowe and His Descendants : A Genealogy (originally published in "Yarmouth Register 9 May 1850 by Amos Otis, a co-author of this source), p. 9: The name CROWELL was originally written CROWE. The surname of Samuel, who died in Boston in 1646 is written on the Suffolk Records CROWES. In 1669, in a grant of a house lot to Samuel of Yarmouth, his and Yelverton's surname is written CROELL. For the last centery the uniform orthography has been Crowell, though in conversation it is often pronounced Crow. [p. 18] All those Cape [Cod] families who now bear the name of Crowell know that the first settlers called themselves Crow or Crowe. Dixon on Surnames simply says that "the descendants of John Crow changed the name to Crowell". [Also included is Yelverton Crowell's will of 23 Dec 1681 where he signed his name "Yelverton Crowell alias Crow".]