Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p279

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Volume 1, Page 279

1724, aged. 78. WILLIAM, Bristol, had in 1689 three ch. but w.
was d. Of this name (some with final e, more without it), it
seems impossib. to unravel the whole line and lines. It will be seen,
that I have giv. at least, a fair sample. Thirty-six of the name had. in
1834, been gr. at Harv. alone, and Mr. Farmer says fifty-nine others at
the various coll. of N. E. N. J. and Union of N. York. Of these, eleven
had been clerg. from H. C. and the same number from the others.

    BROWNELL, GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of Thomas of the same,
m. 4 Dec. 1673, Susanna, d. of Richard Pierce had Susanna, b. 25. Jan.
1676; Sarah, 14 June 1681; Mary, 8 Dec. 1683; Martha, 18 Feb.
1686; Thomas, 1 June 1688; Joseph, 5 Dec. 1690; Wait, 3 Oct. 1693;
and Stephen, 3 Dec. 1695. THOMAS, Portsmouth R. I. a freem. 1655.

    BROWNING, HENRY, New Haven 1639, had bapt. in right of Mary,
his w. Hannah, 5 Jan. 1640; Zephaniah, 11 Oct. 1640; and Ebenezer,
10 May 1646; next yr. sold his est. to William Judson, and prob. went
home, at least rem. JOSEPH, Boston 1683; printer and bookseller, a
Dutchman, of wh. good charact. is giv. by John Dunton, in his Life and
Errors, describ. his visit from Eng. to Mass. 1686. but he spells the
name Brunning as does, also, the Prob. rec. when admin. of his est. was
giv. 25 Aug. 1691, to his wid. Mary. He d. 8 Apr. preced. See also
Thomas, Hist. of Print. II. 413. MALACHI, Boston, had small est. at
Watertown but in B. d. 27 Nov. 1653; had not w. or ch. kn. to Bond,
but he marks his d. five yrs. later. NATHANIEL, Portsmouth, R. I. a
freem. 1655, m. Sarah, d. of William Freeborn, by him brot. from Eng.
may have had Samuel. SAMUEL, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of Nathaniel
of the same, is by Potter thot. to have m. Rebecca, youngest d.
of capt. Samuel Wilbor. THOMAS, Salem freem. 17 Apr. 1637, had
Mary, bapt. 7 Jan. 1638; and Deborah, 31 Jan. 1647; was of Topsfield
1661, d. Feb. 1671, aged 83. Felt. He left no s. but four ds. by his
will are nam. Mary, w. of Edmund Towne; Elizabeth w. of James Symonds;
Sarah, wh. had m. 20 Nov. 1661, Joseph Williams; and d. w. of Isaac
; she was Deborah, that had m. John Perkins. THOMAS,
Watertown 1658, serv. of John Fleming, or of Thomas Fanning, perhaps
of both, at differ. times, when justice was invok. whip. for steal.

    BROWNSMAYD, JOHN, Stratford 1650. See Brimsmead.

s. of John, m. 2 Sept. 1674, Ann, d. of Matthew Griswold, had Ann, b. 5
Oct. 1675; Abraham, 29 Mar. 1677; Mary, 21 Jan. 1679; Mercy, 21
Mar. 1681; Elizabeth 12 Aug. 1682; Sarah; and Frances; at a milit. elec.
1678 had half of the votes of the co. to be lieut. CORNELIUS, Woodbury,
s. of Richard of Farmington; tho. Cothren could not tell his w.
yet he names the ch. there bapt. Richard, in May 1692; Cornelius, Dec.
foll.; ElizabethMar. 1694; Abraham, May 1697; Stephen, b. 12 May