Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p27

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Volume 1, Page 27

est. was of Charlestown, m. 12 Nov. 1713, Margaret, d. of Col. Thomas
Savage, third of that name, and d. 30 Sept. 1761, distin,,. as founder of
the Alford Prof. of Nat. Theol. &c. at Harv. and for giv. large sum to
the Soc. for Prop. Gosp. among the Ind. &c. in N. A. His w. outliv.
him; but he had no issue. JOHN, Salem, 1668. REMAIN, New London,
wh. d. 12 Aug. 1709, aged 63, by Miss Caulkins is styled Col. yet
of unkn. desc. WILLIAM, Salem, 1635, came the yr. bef: from London,
a mem. of the Skinners' comp. there, a merch. here; and his w.
Mary in 1636 join. to the ch. had Nathaniel, bapt. 19 Mar. 1637; Samuel,
17 Feb. 1639; Bethia, 26 June 1642; beside Elisha, Mary, and
Elizabeth but his w. brot. to Boston ch. for bapt. 5 Dec. 1647, s. Jonathan, a. six days old,
wh. d. under 16 yrs. See a valu. letter of 13 Apr. 1634 brot. by him from Francis
Kirbey. to his fr. John Winthrop, s. of the Gov. print. in 3 Mass. Hist.
Coll. IX. 267. He had favor. the party of Wheelwright, and under the
name of Mr. Alfoot on the rec. in 1637, was disarm. by the Gen. Ct. and
thereupon rem. for a season to New Haven, and there had, prob. two or
more of his ch. b bef. 1654. See Haz. II. 247. Yet he came back to
Mass. but liv. at Boston; and by ano. w. Ann had John, b. 29 Nov. 1658,
wh. d. at 2 mos. He d. Jan. 1677, was bur. 13th of that mo. being Saturday.
The will of 13 Apr. with codic. 9 July 1676, names no s. as then
liv. but he gives £.50 to ch. of his s. Nathaniel, if now alive, and £10 to
wid. of s. Elisha, and made Extrix. his d. Mary, that had been w. of Peter
, and next of Hezekiah Usher, and had four ch. and ment. ds. Bethia,
and Elizabeth wh. had m. 1 Dec 1659, Nathaniel Hudson. The whole
of the debt of Hudson Leverett, and half of those of other poor debtors
are remit. by it; and the codic. was made, because his d. Mary had bec.
w. of Hezekiah Usher, wh. was then d. She took third h. Samuel
Nowell, outliv. him, and d. 14 Aug. 1693.

    ALGER, ANDREW, Scarborough, 1651, had w. Agnes, and ch. John;
Andrew; and Matthew; Elizabeth wh. m. John Palmer; Joanna, wh. m.
Elias Oakman, and, next, John Mills, both of Boston; beside a third d.
wh. m. John Ashton, or Austin. He had call. his planta. Dunster, from
the town near Minehead, in the N. W. part of Co. Somerset, where he
was b. was constable 1661, and lieut. k. by the Ind. with his br. Arthur,
Oct. 1675. The fam. fled to Boston, his will was pro. in Essex 24 June
foll. and his wid. m. Samuel Walker.[1] See Folsom, 156; and Willis, I.
139, wh. obs. that, in our days, the est. of the Southgate fam. includes
part of the Alger domain. ANDREW, Falmouth, s. of the preced. was k.
by the Ind. when they destroy. the town 1690, leav. only ch. the wife, it
is said, of Matthew Collins. ARTHUR, Scarborough, br. of the first
Andrew, perhaps elder, perhaps was f. of that Arthur, jr. wh. own. alleg.
to Mass. 1658; was constable 1658, rep. to Boston, 1671, when the Secretary
makes his name Angurs, and 1672, when he cuts off the final