Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p239


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Volume 1, Page 239

Sept. 1657, a few hours old; Thomas, again, b. 20 June 1658, H. C.
1676; Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1660; William, 22 Nov. 1662, H. C. 1680;
Catharine, 26 Sept. 1664; Bethia, 13 Dec. 1666; Mary, 10 Aug.
1668; and Edward, 18 Dec. 1670; ar. co. 1672, was a capt. one of the
found. of the third or O. S. ch. rep. 1671 and 2 for Lancaster, and 1678
and 9 for Concord. His w. d. 9 Nov. 1682, in a surpris. sudden way, as
told by Judge Sewall, wh. was present, in her own ho. at a great wedding
of his cous. Daniel Quincey with Ann Shepard, her niece. See
the val. hist. by Budington, of first ch. of Charlestown, 219. He d. 22
July foll. leav. est. by inv. �7827, 16, 10, prob. the largest in N. E. Of
the ds. Elizabeth m. 3 Jan. 1677, Nathaniel Oliver; Catharine m. 20 May
1680, John Eyre, next m. 13 Nov. 1707, Wait Winthrop, surv. him,
and d. 2 Aug. 1725; Bethia m. a. 1684, or 5, Joseph Parsons, d. 4 July
1690; and Mary m. 20 Aug. 1689, John Mico, surv. him, and d. 22 Dec.
1733. THOMAS, Boston, s. of the preced. one of the found. of Brattle
str. ch. and twenty yrs. Treasr. of Harv. coll. in its days of severest trial,
d. 18 May 1713. He was never m. I suppose. His letter, 1692, giv.
acco. of the witchcraft infat. pr. in 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 61, is the most
judicious explana. of the processes of the judicial blindness, and must be
read by whoever wishes to understand that malignant epidemic. See
also, Quincy's Hist. of Harv. Coll. WILLIAM, Boston 1677, one of the
ch. merch. prob. br. of first Thomas. WILLIAM, Cambridge, s. of first
Thomas, ord. 25 Nov. 1696, a learned man, and most val. min. F. R. S.
d. 15 Feb. 1717. He m. 3 Nov. 1697, Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Hayman of
Charlestown, had only ch. William, H. C. 1722, the Brigadier, f. of
Thomas, H. C. 1760. She d. 28 July 1715. He next m. Elizabeth wid. of
Rev. Joseph Green, d. of Rev. Joseph Gerrish. Holmes, Hist. of Cam.
Quincy, I. 414.

    BRAWNE, GEORGE, Dover, perhaps s. of Michael, by w. Mary had
Michael, b. 1 June 1679. MIHILL, or MICHAEL, Dover 1655, had
Michael, b. 1643; perhaps others; was liv. 1675.

    BRAY, JOHN, Kittery 1660, shipwright, kept an inn 1674, rem. in the
war to Gloucester, perhaps, there m. 10 Nov. 1679, Margaret Lambert,
as sec. w. had Margery, wh. m. a. 1680, William, f. of Sir William
Pepperell. OSMOND, Weymouth, d. Feb. 1649, as might be judg. from
his inv. 23 of that mo. but I testify that this name is a blunder of a
booby clk. for Clement Briggs. See Briggs. RICHARD, Dover 1657,
Casco 1658, was, prob. at the fort in Boston, 1687, a gunner's mate.
A Richard B. of Exeter, d. at Lynn, 1665. ROBERT, Salem 1668, by
w. Thomasin had Daniel, b. 29 Nov. 1673, perhaps others, and was lost
at sea, a. 1692. ROBERT, Salem, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 5 Nov. 1685,
but in the Hist. Coll. of Essex Inst. 1. I 114, the name of w. is omit. had
John, b. 4 Sept. 1686; Robert, 2 Dec. 1688; Priscilla, 11 Mar. 1690; Benjamin,
27, Sept. 1692; and Christian, 19 Mar. 1694. THOMAS, New Haven, had Hannah,
wh. m. 25 Aug. 1659, Thomas Paine of Boston. THOMAS, Gloucester,
shipwright, m. 3 May 1646, Mary Wilson, had Mary, b. Jan. 1647; Thomas, 31