Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p238


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Volume 1, Page 238

WILLIAM, Springfield 1644, freem. 1648, m. 11 Jan. 1644, Joan Farnum,
wh. d. 12 Oct. 1675; had sec. w. Catharine, wid. of Arthur Williams, as
bef. she was of Joshua Carter, m. 12 Feb. 1677, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1683, as
did he on 16 Sept. foll. No ch. by either wv. is kn.

    BRAND, BENJAMIN, S. of John B. Esqr. of Edwardstone, next parish
to Groton, and so near neighb. in his nat. ld. to Winthrop with wh. he
came in the Arbella, 1630, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. at first gen.
court, but went home, perhaps with Wilson, Gov. Coddington, and Sir
R. Saltonstall, Apr. foll. certain. was not made freem. He had two s.
and two ds. in later life in Eng. Winthrop I. 370. GEORGE, Roxbury,
baker, m. 24 July 1643, Martha, d. of William Heath, had prob. no ch.
freem. 1650, prob. d. away from home, but his wid. Martha d. at R. I.
Aug. 1686. THADDEUS, Lynn, by w. Sarah, wh. d. 13 Dec. 1675, had
Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1671, d. 19 Oct. 1675; Elizabeth 16 Aug. 1673, d. 26 Oct.
1675; and Mary, again, 27 Nov. 1675. THOMAS, Salem, cooper, came
in the fleet with Higginson 1629. WILLIAM, a Quaker, came in the
Speedwell, 1656, aged 40, from London. Hutch. I. 169, calls him
Brend, but it is of no conseq. for he was sent away in the same ship.

    BRANDISLY, JOHN, Watertown at first, perhaps, freem. 4 Mar. 1635,
rem. early to Wethersfield, d. 1639, leav. wid. Rachael wh. m. Anthony
Wilson of Fairfield, one s. and four ds.

    BRANDON, WILLIAM, Weymouth, had w. Mary, and ch. Thomas,
Sarah, Mary, and Hannah, all minors, when he made his will 31 Aug.
1646; and he d. shortly after.

    BRANE, THOMAS, a husbandman, aged 40, came in the Abigail to
Boston, 1635.

    BRANKER, JOHN, Dorchester; freem. 6 Nov. 1632, a sch. master, rem.
after 1635 to Windsor, d. 1662. His wid. Abigail, wh. had brot. him no
ch. m. Rev. John Warham a. Oct. in that yr. and outliv. him until 18
May 1684.

    BRANSON, GEORGE, Dover 1648, rem. to York, freem. 1652, k. at the
age of 47, by a bull, 25 July 1657. Coffin.

    BRASIER, HENRY, New Haven 1639.

    BRATCHER, AUSTIN, Charlestown, at Cradock's planta. d. 1630, by
hand of Walter Palmer, and a jury was charg. to inq. of it, on whose
inq. P. was disch.

    BRATELER or BRATELY, JOHN, Salem 1638. Felt. PETER, Salem
1686, mariner. Felt.

    BRATTLE, EDWARD, Boston, s. of Thomas, by Mary had Thomas,
b. 20 Sept. 1696. He was liv'. in the early part of 1713, when his br.
Thomas made his will. THOMAS, Charlestown 1656, rem. next yr.
to Boston, m. Elizabeth d. of Capt. William Tyng, had Thomas, wh. d. 5