Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p240


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Volume 1, Page 240

Mar. 1694, d. in Aug. 1653; ano. Thomas, 16 May 1653, d. soon;
John, 14 May 1654; Nathaniel, 21 June 1656; Sarah; Thomas, again,
19 Jan. or Feb. 1659; Hannah, 21 Mar. 1662; and Esther, 13 Apr. 1664.
He d. 30 Nov. 1691, and his wid. d. 27 Mar. 1707. Mary m. 18 Nov.
1664,,John Ring of Ipswich; Sarah m. James Sawyer; Hannah m. 4 Feb.
1678, John Roberts; and Esther m. 30 Oct. 1683, Philip Stanwood. WILLIAM,
York 1680.

    BRAYTON, FRANCIS, Portsmouth, R. I. 1643, when he was adm.
to dwell, by w. Mary had Francis, Stephen, and four ds. Martha
Pierce, the eldest, Elizabeth Bouren, and Sarah, w. of Thomas Gatchell, as
by his will of 17 Oct. 1690, pro. 5 Sept. 1692, we gain their names, and
that of his wid. Mary; we learn, also, that he had d. Mary, wh. d. bef.
1671. In a depon. made 30 Jan. 1674, he is said to be 62 yrs. old.
FRANCIS, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of the preced. adm. freem. of the town,
3 Dec. 1670, m. 18 Mar. 1671, or 2, Mary, d. of Thomas Fish of the
same, had Mary, b. 1 Jan. 1676; Thomas, 14 June 1681; Francis, 17
Feb. 1684; David, 23 Oct. 1686; Mehitable, 12 Jan. 1693; and Benjamin,
8 Sept. 1695. STEPHEN, Portsmouth, R. I. younder br. of the
preced. m. 8 Mar. 1679, Ann, d. of Peter Tolman of Newport, had
Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1680; Elizabeth 8 Dec. 1681; Ann, 6 July 1683; Preserved,
8 Mar. 1685; and Stephen, 2 Aug. 1686.

    BRAZEEL, PHILIP, is the strange name, perhaps misspelt, of one in
Gallop's comp. of Phips's exped. against Quebec. See Geneal. Reg.
IX. 354 and compare with the more correct list in XIII. 13, espec. as
to the coincid. of the christian names of Philip in the two.

    BRAZIER, EDWARD, Charlestown 1658, had w. Magdalen prob. Thomas,
bapt. 29 Apr. 1660; Abigail, 18 Dec. 1664; Rebecca, 24 Nov. 1667; and he d.
3 May 1689.

    BREAD, THOMAS, embark. in Eng. 22 June 1679, in the Providence,
for Boston, but no more is kn.

    BRECK, EDWARD, Dorchester 1636, freem. 22 May 1639, came,prob.
from Ashton, in Co. Devon, or Lancash. if he came with Mather, aft. 1634,
as Clap, in Hist. of D. 107, thinks, was an officer of the town 1642, 5, 6, and
after, d. 2, or 6, Nov. 1662, leav. Robert, wh. he brot. from Eng. John; Mary,
b. perhaps 6 not (as the Hist. of D. says) bapt. 18 Aug. 1648; Elizabeth and Susanna.
The w. d. 11 Nov. 1653. His wid. Isabel, wh. was his sec. w. and had been bef.
wid. of John Rigby of D. m. 14 Nov. 1663, Anthony Fisher; Mary m. 9 Jan.
1667, Samuel Paul; Elizabeth m. 11 Mar. 1670, John Minot; and Susanna m. 20
Mar. 1674, or 5, John Harris. But he must have had ano. d. for his will
of 30 Oct. 1662, only 3 days bef. his d. ment. d. Elinor. JOHN, Medfield,
wh. d. 3 Jan. 1660, is by Morse regard. as br. of Edward, and he thinks
it prob. that he had John, wh. d. at Medfield 20 Aug. 1690. JOHN, Dorchester,
s. of Edward, a tanner, had by w. Susanna, wh. d. 8 Feb. 1712,
aged a. 64 yrs. Edward, John, Nathaniel, besides five ds. and was,
also, f. of Rev. Robert, b. 7, bapt. 10 Dec. 1682, H. C. 1700, wh. preach.
short season at Newtown, L. I. and after was min. of Marlborough, ord.
25 Oct. 1704, a man of learning, d. 6 Jan. 1732. The f. was a capt. and