Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p169


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Volume 1, Page 169

and Caleb, tw. 29 Jan. 1705; and Samuel, 22 Mar. 1707. JOSEPH,
Hull, perhaps s. of the preced. freem. 1678, had, in Dec. 1675, been
soldier of Johnson's comp. for the bloody Narragansett fight.

    BENT, JOHN, Sudbury, came in the Confidence, 1638, aged 35, from
Southampton, a husbandman of Penton in the same co. with w. Martha,
and ch. Robert, William, Peter, John, and Ann, all, by custom ho. rec.
under 12 yrs. old; went home the same yr. to bring more of his fam.
and came again next yr. in the Jonathan, had gr. of ld. 1639, was freem.
13 May 1640, had Joseph, b. 16 May 1641; Martha; and perhaps
others. His mo. Agnes, sis. Agnes Blanchard, and her inf. ch. d. on
the voyage in the Jonathan. He was one of the proprs. of Marlborough;
but d. at S. 27 Sept. 1672. His wid. d. 15 May 1679. His d. Ann (I
think call. Agnes at a later day) m. Edward Rice; and Martha m. 1663,
Samuel Howe. His will, made a few days bef. he d. made w. Martha,
and eldest s. Peter excors. and gives to other s. Joseph, and John, d.
Agnes Rice, and her s. John, d. Martha, and her h. Samuel, his s. John
Howe, beside two Peter, s. of Peter B. and Hannah, d. of John
B. JOHN, Marlborough, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 1 July 1658,
Hannah, d. of John Stone, had Hannah, b. 6 May 1661; and prob. by
sec. w. Martha, d. of Matthew Rice, had John, 29 Nov. 1689; and
David; and d. Sept. 1717. His est. was in Framingham. JOSEPH,
Marlborough, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth had Experience;
Elizabeth b. 1673; and Joseph, 1675; and was k. that yr. by accid. shot of
pistol in the hd. of Peter s. of his eldest br. Peter. JOSIAH, Marshfield, m.
30 June 1666, Elizabeth Bourne, perhaps d. of John of the same. PETER, Sudbury,
eldest s. of the first John liv. at d. of his f. by w. Elizabeth had Peter, b. 15
Oct. 1603; Elizabeth Patience; Agnes, 1661; Martha; John, 1663; Hopestill,
1672; and Zaccheus; beside John, again, 1676, b. at Cambridge,
whither the fam. prob. rem. for safety from the Ind. But Barry, 182,
presumes this John to be s. of Peter's s. Peter. Cambridge rec. shows
John, s. of Peter and Elizabeth d. 20 Apr. 1676. The f. d. says Barry,
prob. in Eng. a. 1678. ROBERT, Newbury, d. 30 Jan. 1648.

    BENTLEY, JOHN, Charlestown, perhaps s. of William, d. 20 Nov.
1690. RICHARD, Charlestown, in 1690 had w. Margaret and ch. Richard,
b. 5 Jan. 1688, bapt. 29 June 1690; John, and Mary, tw. 20, bapt. 21 Sept.
1690, both d. soon; Sarah, bapt. 27 Mar. 1692, d. soon; John, again, 9, bapt.
15 Sept. 1695; Joseph, 29 Dec. 1696, bapt. 3 Jan. foll.; Anthony, bapt. 5
Mar. 1699; and Margaret, bapt. 19 Jan. 1701; but at his d. 1709, only three
s. and d. Margaret partake his est. Margaret m. a Callum. WILLIAM,
a passeng. to Boston, 1635, aged 47, in the Truelove, with John, 17, and
Alice, 15, perhaps his ch. but where he pitch. his tent, is unkn. to me,
as also is any thing a. Mary, a passeng. the same yr. in the Defence,
aged 20. Bentley is a parish in the deanery of Doncaster, and s. part
of Yorksh.

    BENTON, ANDREW, Milford, 1639, rem. a. 1660 to Hartford, d. 1683, tho.
Lambert says 1681, leav. by first w. these ch. Andrew, Samuel, Joseph, Mary,
and Dorothy; and by sec. w. Ann, d. of John Cole of H. wh. d. 1686, these,