Person:John Stone (13)

m. 20 Jul 1617
  1. Elder John Stone1618 - 1683
  2. Dr. Daniel Stone1620 - 1686/87
  3. David Stone1622 - 1703/04
  4. Elizabeth Stone1624 - 1626
  • HElder John Stone1618 - 1683
  • WAnne Rogers1615 - Aft 1683
m. 1639
  1. Hannah Stone1640 - Bet 1683 & 1689
  2. John StoneAbt 1642 - Aft 1720
  3. Deacon Daniel Stone1644 - Abt 1718/19
  4. David Stone1646 - Bef 1737
  5. Mary StoneAbt 1649 - Bef 1702
  6. Elizabeth StoneAbt 1651 - 1736/37
  7. Margaret Stone1653 - 1717/18
  8. Tabitha Stone1655 - Aft 1719
  9. Sarah Stone1657 - 1717
  10. Nathaniel Stone1660 - 1732
Facts and Events
Name[1] Elder John Stone
Gender Male
Christening[1][5] 31 Jul 1618 Nayland, Suffolk, England
Marriage 1639 to Anne Rogers
Death[4] 5 May 1683 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

English immigrants who came with John's father Gregory Stone in 1639 from Wayland, near Sudbury on River Stour, which separates the counties of Suffolk and Essex. Source - Background of Iowa Territorial Pioneers

Elder at Sudbury, Massachusetts..... town clerk, 1655

One of the executors of father's will.

Who was Anne, wife of John Stone?

J. Gardner Bartlett, 1918

"Elder John(2) Stone married in 1639, ANNE -----, who had ten children and survived him. For over a half century there has been much speculation as to her parentage. She and Nathaniel Treadway (her next-door neighbor in Sudbury) were the principal and residuary legatees (with no named relationship) of the will in 1644, of Edward Howe of Watertown, Mass., who was baptized 1 Jan. 1587/8 at Boxted, co. Essex, England, directly across the Stour River from Nayland, co. Suffolk, and married there, 16 Aug. 1610, Margaret Wells; so it has been generally claimed that Anne wife of John Stone and Suffrana wife of Nathaniel Treadway were sisters, and daughters of Edward Howe. These ideas are erroneous, as it has been proved that Nathaniel Treadway married in New England, in 1639, Suffrana Haynes, daughter of Walter Haynes, who came from Wiltshire in 1638, and she had no sister named Anne; and there is no evidence that Edward Howe had any surviving children. The English origin of Nathaniel Treadway has not been discovered; but the writer has found this rare family name only in Essex and Herts. The registers of Boxted are lost from 1617 to 1640, so data on the Howes there are incomplete. From what evidences are available, it seems likely that Anne, wife of John2 Stone, was a sister of Nathaniel Treadway, and that their mother was probably a sister of Edward Howe, thus making them niece and nephew of the latter."[2]

Dean Crawford Smith & Melinde Lutz Sanborn, 1996

"In a 1995 letter, Strephon B. Treadway raised the interesting possibility that Anne, the wife of Deacon John(1) Stone, was not a Treadway as had long been supposed, but instead the daughter of Barnaby and Mary (Wells) Rogers, and thus a niece of Margaret (Wells) Howe, wife of Edward Howe. Based on the wills of both Edward Howe and Margaret Howe, Anne was interpreted by Bartlett to be a sister of the other Howe heir, Nathaniel Treadway. If she were kin to Margaret, one would expect that Anne would received more in the will her blood aunt, than she would in that of her uncle by marriage, Edward Howe. An examination of the probates shows that his could be one of the possible interpretations. After leaving bequests to his wife, Anne Stone and Nathaniel Treadway, Edward Howe specifically instructed his wife to leave Anne Stone one third part of all the cattle. It is possible to interpret this to mean "no more than" one third part, thus supporting the idea that Margaret would seek to leave a more substantial legacy to her supposed niece.

This is balanced, however, by the fact that Howe debtor Thomas Mayhew deeded a 300 acre grant jointly to Nathaniel Treadway and John Stone, showing no preference between the two heirs (Gregory Stone genealogy, 68). Margaret left one half her estate to Nathaniel Treadway, one sixth of her estate to her sister Mary (Wells) Rogers and the Rogers children of Boxted in Old England, and two sixths of her estate to John Stone of Sudbury (Middlesex Probate 1:256-7). Anne Rogers was baptized in Boxted 14 May 1615 and is well within the age range expected of the wife of John Stone.

While it is possible that Anne (-----) Stone was the daughter of Nathaniel Treadway and Mary Howe, we have no direct evidence that such a child was ever born. Unfortunately, although many Treadway wills have been read and many Treadway baptisms found, no additional information beyond the marriage record at Colchester has been added to the immigrant Nathaniel Treadway's family. We cannot demonstrate the existence of an Anne Treadway who might have married John Stone, but we can demonstrate the baptism of an Anne Rogers, niece of Margaret (Wells) Howe. Given this evidence, we believe that it is more likely that Anne, the wife of John Stone, was a niece of Margaret (Wells) Howe, than the alternate theory presented by us in The American Genealogist 70:171."[3]

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