Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p151


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Volume 1, Page 151

Samuel, and Hannah; and he d. 7 Nov. 1734, aged 77. His wid. Mary
d. 25 Feb. 1753, aged 94.

    BECKET, JOHN, Salem, shipwright, ment. first in 1655, d. 26 Nov.
1683, aged a. 57, leav. wid. Margaret, then 56 yrs. old, ch. William,
Mary, Sarah, John, and Hannah the youngest. His wid. m. Philip
Cromwell, and d. at ninety yrs. Mary m. 20 July 1675, Daniel Webb.
JOHN, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 26 Sept. 1711, Susanna Mason, had
Mary, b. 25 July 1712. STEPHEN, Roxbury, came from Ipswich in the
Francis, 1634, aged 11 yrs. only, and under the charge of Richard Pepper,
wh. after a few yrs. at R. rem. to Conn. prob. for that Col. was resid.
of his apprent. in 1649. See Beckwith. WILLIAM, Salem, s. of John
the first, by w. Hannah had John, b. 10 Aug. 1684; Hannah, 17 July
1685; and Margaret, 14 May 1688.

    BECKFORD or BICKFORD (more common in early days), GEORGE,
had, in 1666, w. Christian, and serv. Hugh Hancock, as Coffin tells in
Geneal. Reg. VI. 243; but of what settlem. he was, we must trust to conject.
for Dover. His wid. took admin. at Marblehead in June 1678. JOHN, Dover
1647, in 1669 was of that part call. Oyster riv. now Durham, freem. of Mass.
1671, had s. John, and Joseph. JOHN, Dover, s. of the preced. by w. Temperance,
d. of William Furber of the same, had Thomas, b. 1660; Hannah, 5 Nov.
1665; and Benjamin, 20 Oct. 1672. He or s. John m. Elizabeth d. of Jeremy Tibbets
of the same, but confus. easily aris. betw. fam. connex. of sec. and third John.
SAMUEL, Salisbury, m. a d. of Edward Cottle, and rem. to Nantucket,
where he purchas. 12 Nov. 1678, a half sh., had Elizabeth b. 16 Feb. 1672;
and Deborah, 5 Feb. 1674. THOMAS, Dover, or Durham, br. of the sec.
John, m. Bridget, d. of William Furber. He was in gr. danger at the
assault by the Ind. 18 July 1694, saved by skill and courage, as may be
read in the Magn. VII. appx. art. 20; or Farmer's Belkn. I. 140.

    BECKLEY, JOHN, Hartford, prob. s. of Richard, had Hannah, wh.
m. 10 Sept. 1689, Robert Webster. RICHARD, New Haven 1639, rem.
to Wethersfield bef. 1668, had prob. two ws. of wh. the latter was a d. of
John Deming, ch. Sarah, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 21 Oct. 1657, John Church
of Hartford
; John, b. 6 Mar. 1642; Mary, bapt. 12 Sept. 1647; Benjamin, 27
Jan. bapt. 10 Mar. 1650; Nathaniel, b. 13 oct. 1652, bapt. 15 Oct. 1653;
and Hannah, 14 Oct. 1656; and d. 5 Aug. 1690 at W.

    BECKWITH, JOSEPH, Lyme, s. of Matthew, by w. Susanna had Sarah,
b. 14 Apr. 1677; and Joseph, 15 Apr. 1679. MATTHEW, New London
1652, Hartford 1658, then a freem., and had first liv. there 1639, rem. to
Branford, there in 1668 was one of the founders of ch., thence to Lyme,
there d. 21 Oct. 1680, aged a. 70, by fall in a dark night down a ledge
of rocks. See Rev. Mr. Bradstreet's journal in Geneal. Reg. IX. 50.
He had two ds. beside s. Matthew, John, and Joseph. His wid. m. Samuel
Buckland; and of the ds. one m. Benjamin Grant; the other, Robert