Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p150

Volume 1, Page 150

the stock, if not even the sole of N. E. b. Had the rec. of that French
ch. been preserv. we should less often be driv. to conject. In the print.
list of taxab. inhab. of B. 1695, publ. by Dearborn in his Boston Notions,
the French names are frequent. spel. strangely; yet among them may
our Huguenot leather-dress. be misrepresent. as John Bashoon. He bot.
of Daille, their first min. his ho. in what is now Washington str. and left
by his will £10 to the ch. He rem. after 1711 to Hartford, there d. at
the age of 88, 14 Nov. 1740, leav. large est. Two s. John, and Adam
had d. bef. him in S. Carolina; and ds. nam. in the will, were Mary,
Catharine, Mary Ann, Margaret, and Susanna. Mary was w. of
Rauchon, and had d. Mary Sigourney; Catharine had m. Latoille, and
had s. Isaac; Mary Ann m. a Lawrence, and her s. John bec. Treasr. of
Conn. Margaret m. a Chenevard, and her descend. were long at H.
and at the time of the d. of her f. Susanna was unm. ROBERT, Ipswich,
writ. Beacham, as always pronounc. in Eng. in 1651 had w. Isabel, rem.
1654, prob. to Norwalk, and 1664 to Fairfield, there was liv. 1670, with
w. Elizabeth wh. had perhaps got back to I. where wid. Elizabeth B. was bur. 18
Jan. 1687.

    BEAUMONT or BEMENT, THOMAS, New Haven 1639, m. the wid. of
Eleazer Stent, mo. of Eleazer and Eliz. S. but had no ch. by her, and d.

    BECK, ALEXANDER, Boston, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, by w. Mary, wh. d.
2 May 1639, had prob. no ch. but he soon m. Elizabeth Hinds of Roxbury,
had Ephraim, and Deliverance, tw. b. 1, bapt. 7 June 1640; Strange,
bapt. 5 June 1642, a. 5 days old; tho. the unworthy copy of town rec.
of births has the monstrous assert. of these three, as b. at once; and
Manasseh, b. 8, bapt. 12 Oct. 1645. HENRY, Dover, came in the Blessing,
1635, aged 18, emb. at London late in July, as I saw in the rec. of
London custom ho. for that yr. so far more prob. than the tradit. giv. by
Coffin in Geneal. Reg. XI. 256, of his com. the same yr. in the Angel
Gabriel, wreck. at Pemaquid the mid. of Aug. The Blessing did not
reach Boston bef. Oct. Part of the same story is, that he was from
Hertfordsh. wh. is so near to London, whence sixteen ships brought passeng.
to Boston, that we can never believe he would have gone to the
other side of the kingdom, for the voyage of the Angel Gabriel, begin.
at Bristol, 22 June. He m. Ann Frost, had Joshua; Thomas, b. a
1657; Caleb; and Henry; beside d. Mary, wh. m. a White. Coffin adds,
that he liv. to be 110; and how gr. this would appear to be exag. we
may better judge, when the time of his d. is ascertain. MANASSEH,
Boston, s. of Alexander, was freem. 1672, and this is all I kn. of him.
THOMAS, Dover, prob. s. of Henry, in Coffin's rep., m. Mary Frost, had
eight ch. of wh. he names Thomas, Joshua, Abigail, Henry, Mary,