Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p152

Volume 1, Page 152

Gerard; but the name of either is not seen. MATTHEW, Lyme, s. of
the preced. by w. Eliz. had Matthew, John, and James, the last b. 1
June 1671, and all were bapt. 10 Sept. foll. Jonah, b. 27 Dec. 1673;
Prudence, 22 Aug. 1676; Eliz. 4 Feb. 1679; Ruth, 14 Mar. 1681; and
Sarah 15 Dec. 1684. A sec. w. Eliz. wid. of Peter Pratt, wh. she m.
after divorce from John Rogers, was d. of Matthew Griswold. Her he
m. 1691, had a d. Griswold; and he d. 4 June 1727, in his will nam.
all the ch. exc. Sarah, perhaps dec. and his wid. d. next mo. NATHANIEL,
Lyme, s. perhaps of Matthew the first, there in 1675, had Nathaniel,
b. 28 May 1679 and was liv. 1690. Of descend. some are still at New
London, Miss Caulkins says, and often call. Becket; while at Branford
it appears Bickatt. STEPHEN, Norwalk 1654, rem. soon, but came back
after 1655. Perhaps he was that passeng. in the Francis, ment. under
Becket. THOMAS, Roxbury 1650, rem. perhaps to Fairfield, and left
his w. wh. obtain. divorce 1655.

    BEDELL, BEDLE or BEEDLE, ROBERT, New London 1648, had, perhaps,
been at Wethersfield, where Hinman, 164, ranks him among first
sett. there prob. had Robert, b. 1642; and he rem. 1650, to Newbury, I
presume. ROBERT, Salisbury, s. prob. of the preced. by w. Martha had
Mary, b. 31 July 1666; rem. to Newbury, and had Thomas, 30 Apr.
1668; Elizabeth 22 Nov. 1669; Judith, 29 Mar. 1671, d. at 2 yrs. Robert.
Jan. 1675; Judith, again, 8 Mar. 1676, d. next yr.; and John, 23 Apr.
1678. Coffin, in his Hist. says Hannah, perhaps his w. d. 15 Nov. 1678.

    BEDFORD, NATHAN, Scarborough, was constable 1665, kept the inn
1675, and d. 1681 by drown. In Southgate's Hist. the strange wildness
of a story, how he was murder. by the venerab. Joshua Scottow, may be
read. He left wid. Ann.

    BEDIENT, MORGAN, Hadley, came with his mo. Mary from Staines,
near London, to rec. the est. devis. by her br. John Barnard, and d. bef.
reach. his majority. THOMAS, Hadley, younger br. of the preced. b.
1654, a co-devisee, came with his mo., rem. to Fairfield, and d. a. 1698.

    BEDURTHA, BEDORTHA or BODURTHA, JOHN, Springfield, s. of Rice,
as drown. 18 Mar. 1683, with his f. and Lydia, w. of his br. Joseph,
and Mercy, d. of his br. Samuel. JOSEPH, Springfield, br. of |the preced.
had three ws. and eleven ch. but details are not kn. to me, tho. in Geneal.
Reg. XII. 176, we almost discov. one of the ws. RICE, REICE, REISE, or
ROISE (as if the surname were not suffic. various in spel.), Springfield, m.
1646, Blanch Lewis, had Joseph, b. 1649; Samuel, 1651; John, 1654;
beside two younger ch. and he was drown. with s. John. SAMUEL,
Springfield, s. of the preced. had two ws. of wh. one was Mary, wid. of
Able Leonard, wh. he m. July 1691, and he had fourteen ch. but I kn.
nothing of them, only that he d. 1728.