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Volume 4, Page 6

1647, freem. the same mo. Of so unusual a name of bapt. or surname,
I should be slow in acknowl. but Mary, prob. his w. join. the ch. 9 July
next yr. his d. Rebecca m. John Jones, so there are three places of rec.
and the potential authori. of Frothingham, 152 shows "Sarah Sallee's
ho." in 1658. The classic Manes bec. Manus on his adm. in Col. rec.

    SALMON, SALMONDS or SAMMON, CLEMENT, Boston, m. 13 June
1660, Joanna Riland, had John, b. 9 May foll. Mary, b. 12 Jan. 1663; Elizabeth
26 Feb. 1666; and Samuel, 5 Apr. 1668. DANIEL, Lynn 1630, serv. in the
Pequot war 1636 or 7, had Daniel, b. 2 May 1665; in 1681 gave testim. a.
the iron works, in wh. he had labor. near 40 yrs. bef. GEORGE, Salem,
m. Oct. 1664, Remember, d. of Benjamin Felton, had Elizabeth; Mary, b. 16
Mar. 1669; Susanna, 30 May 1670; George, 1 Mar. 1672, posthum. for
the f. d. a. 12 Feb. preced. 1668. JOHN, Newport, 1669, had there a w.
and was one much esteem. d. 1676. JOHN, New Haven 1682. PETER,
Salem, m. 4 June 1677, Ann Thompson, had Martha, b. 29 July 1679, d.
in 3 mos.; Ann, 30 Aug. 1680; Peter, 1 July 1682; and Sarah, 18 Aug.
1683. SAMUEL, Salem 1660, prosecut. as a Quaker. THOMAS, Northampton
1659, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 1660; Ruth, 1666; Elizabeth 1673;
beside two ch. that d. young; and Thomas, posthum. Mar. 1676; was
k. by the Ind. 29 Oct. preced. His wid. Mary m. 1676, Joseph Phelps
of Windsor
, but prob. aft. his rem. to Simsbury. Ruth m. 1684, William
Hulbert the sec.; and Elizabeth m. 1693, Caleb Root. WILLIAM,
Amesbury, m. 30 Nov. 1669, Mary with surname very odd, had
William, b. Apr. 1670; took o. of alleg. 1677.

    SALTER, CHARLES, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Benoni, b. 17 July
1685; and from rec. of B. I gain no more. ENEAS, Boston, a mason,
by w. Joan had Eneas, b. 17 Apr. 1673; John, 24 Sept. 1674; Sarah,
1 Aug. 1676; Peter, 13 Feb. 1679; and Benjamin, 8 May 1682.
HENRY, Charlestown, by w. Hannah had John, b. 6 Jan. 1656; Henry,
Richard; and Nicholas; all bapt. 26 Oct. 1673, in right of the mo. wh.
join. the ch. four wks. bef. One Thomas, without surname, is found in
the rec. of b. at C. 20 Oct. and I presume he was this man's s. and that
he d. young; but I do not see the name of f. among housholders there
1658 or 1678. JABEZ, Boston, s. of William, ar. co. 1674, by w. Elizabeth
had Elizabeth b. 6 Oct. 1671; Mary, 28 Jan. 1673; Jabez, 8 July 1678, d.
soon; William, 5 Jan. 1680; Jabez, again, 4 July 1682, d. soon; Jabez,
again, 1 June 1683; Elisha, 22 Sept. 1685, d. soon; Elisha, again, 9
Oct. 1686; Richard, 3 Feb. 1689; and Samson, 21 Mar. 1692. He d.
31 Dec. 1720; and his w. Elizabeth d. 29 Oct. 1726, near 75 yrs. old.
MATTHEW, Marblehead 1674, m. perhaps, Ann, d. of Samuel
Condy, and had sev. ch. SAMSON, Newport 1639, came in the
James 1635, from Southampton, then call. a fisherman in the custom-ho.
docum. yet of Caversham, wh. is in Co. Oxford. SAMUEL, a soldier in
Gallop's comp. 1690, against Quebec. THEOPHILUS, Ipswich 1648, of
Salem 1654, acc. Felt. WALTER, Boston 1658, sett. short. aft. on L. I.
as may be infer. from certain queries by him propound. to Conn. See
Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 423. WILLIAM, Boston, shoemak. by w. Mary
had Peleg, b. 15 Mar. 1634, but bapt. 25 Mar. 1638, wh. makes me
doubt the date in rec. of b.; Elizabeth 16 Apr. 1639, bapt. 26 Apr. 1640;