Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p7


Volume 4, Page 7

Mary, 10 Aug. 1642, bapt. 30 Oct. foll. as "a 3 days old," that shows
wh. rec. is wrong; Jabez, bapt. 17 Aug. 1645, wh. perhaps d. soon; yet
possib. the next town rec. Jabez, b. Sept. 1647 is wrong; Elisha, 7 Mar.
1654, d. next yr.; and Lydia, 24 Mar. 1656. He kept the prison in
this yr. and long aft. was witness to the will of wretch. Mrs. Hibbins,
wid. of the Assist. execut. as a witch, when she was only a scold; and
he d. 10 Aug. 1675, aged 68. His will of 11 May preced. names s.
Jabez, and John, wh. was gone away, but if he came back, should have
five acres on Spectacle isl.; ds. Mehitable, that shoul have half his
dwel.-ho.; and d. Beck, wh. had rec. her portion, prob. on m.; and are refer. to, and w. Mary made extrix. On Boston rec. appears
m. of Nicholas Phillips with Hannah S. 4 Dec. 1651, but of wh. she
was d. is uknn.

    SALTONSTALL, HENRY, Watertown, s. of Sir Richard, b. in Eng.
brot. prob. by his f. 1630, ar. co. 1639, gr. in the first class of H. C. 1642,
went soon aft. to Eng. was in Holland 1644, stud. med. and in Oct. 1649
had degr. of M. D. at the Univ. of Padua, and 24 June 1652, at Oxford,
by order of the Long Parliam. and was made fellow of New Coll. as
was, with less regard to rules, our William Stoughton; but place of his
later resid. or date of his d. is unkn. See Wood's Athene Oxon.
NATHANIEL, Haverhill, s. of Richard the sec. was prob. the first male
of this disting. fam. b. on our side of the ocean, freem. 1665, rep. 1666,
8-71, Assist. 1679 and until the vacat. of our old chart. 1686, but again
an overthrow of Andros, tho. the k. had made him one of the coun. to
Dudley; yet was nam. again in the new chart. and a judge of the Sup.
Ct. in 1692, when he refus. participat. in the monstrous trials for witchcr.
leav. his seat to be occup. by Jonathan Corwin, br. of the sheriff that
was call. to hang so many innocent victims. But many yrs. he was
head of the Essex militia. He m. 28 Dec. 1663, Elizabeth d. of Rev. John
Ward, had Gurdon, b. 27 Mar. 1666, H. C. 1684, the disting. min. of
New London, and Gov. of Conn. (so nam. for Brampton Gurdon the
Suff'k. patriot M. P. whose d. was his mo.); Elizabeth 15 Sept. 1688;
Richard, 25 Apr. 1672; Nathaniel, 5 Sept. 1674; both H. C. 1695;
and John, 14 Aug. 1678, wh. d. at 3 yrs.; and d. 21 May 1707. His
wid d. 29 Apr. 1741, as Bond, 921, tells; but the yr. should be 1714.
Of his hon. descend. large acco. may be read in 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. V.
154, and 3 M. H. C. IX. 119, but more in Bond's copious Hist. of
Watertown. PETER, by the hist. of the Ancient and Hon. Art. Co.
made one of the corps 1644, is prob. name without right giv. by Whitman,
as if he were s. of Sir Richard, for no such person is ever heard of
elsewhere, and Bond rejects it as any of our N. E. stock. Orig. rec. of
that famous milit. band have been lost above a hundred and fifty yrs.