Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p474


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Volume 4, Page 474

    WELDEN, CHRISTOPHER, Charlestown, d. says Farmer, wh. gives
him distinct. of sen. 29 Apr. 1668; yet I much doubt this must be
mistake, unless he were only transient, not perman. resid. for he was not
householder in 1658, nor do I see the name among ch. mem. nor find
any jr. ROBERT, Charlestown, chos. a capt. d. 16 Feb. 1631, bur. with
milit. honors two days aft. He is respectful. ment. both by Winthrop I. 45,
and Dudley. On the list of Boston ch. mem. No. 91 is Elizabeth W. and
append. is writ. "gone to Watertown," wh. furnish. Bond occasion for
conject. doubly felicit. that she was wid. of the capt. and that she bec. w.
of Rev. George Phillips, whose first w. had d. at Salem soon aft. arr.
1630, and wh. had sec. w. Elizabeth in 1631.

    WELLER, ELIEZER, Westfield, freem. 1681, was s. of Richard of
, by w. Hannah Pritchard, perhaps d. of Nathaniel,[1] m. 14
Sept. 1674, had Eliezer, b. 8 Oct. 1675; Hannah, 16 Feb. 1678; Elizabeth
17 Apr. 1680; and ano. d. b. 19 May 1682, d. with the mo. in two
days; and he d. 16 Aug. 1684. JOHN, Northampton, sw. alleg. 8 Feb.
1679, m. 24 Mar. 1670, Mary, d. of Alexander Alvord, had John, b. 14
Feb. 1671; Mary, 11 Sept. 1672; Hannah, 14 May 1674; Elizabeth 12
Feb. 1676; Sarah, 15 Apr. 1678; Thomas, Aug. 1680; and Experience,
4 Dec. 1682; rem. soon aft. to Deerfield, there d. 1686. His s.
both sett. at New Milford. NATHANIEL, Westfield, s. of Richard of
, by w. Deliverance, d. of Thomas Hanchet, had Thankful,
b. 15 Oct. 1674; Sarah, 6 June 1677; and Deliverance, 20 Aug. 1679,
d. at 17 yrs. and his w. d. 22 Nov. 1711. He was deac. and d. nine
days bef. his w. RICHARD, Windsor, m. 17 Sept. 1640, Ann Wilson,
had Rebecca, b. 10 May 1641; Sarah, 10 Apr. 1643; John, bapt. 10
Apr. 1645; Nathaniel 16 July 1648; Eliezer, 24 Nov. 1650; and
Thomas, 10 Apr. 1653, wh. d. unm. at 22 yrs. rem. to Farmington,
where his w. d 10 July 1659; and he m. 22 June 1662, Elizabeth wid. of
Henry Curtis, wh. had drawn him to Northampton; took o. of alleg. 8
Feb. 1679; perhaps of Deerfield 1682, d. at Westfield prob. with his
ch. 1690. Sarah m. 20 Nov. 1662, John Hannum of N.

    WELLES or WELLS, EBENEZER, Hatfield, s. of Thomas of Hadley,
m. 4 Dec. 1690, Mary Waite, eldest d. of Benjamin, had Ebenezer, b.
1691; Thomas, 1693; Joshua, 1695; Martha, 1697; John, 1700; Jonathan,
1702; and his w. d. soon aft. He m. 1705, Sarah, wid. of John
Lawrence of Brookfield
, had Mary, 1707. EDWARD, Boston 1644, by
w. Sarah had Hopestill, b. 13 Oct. 1645. EPHRAIM, Hatfield, s. of
Thomas of Hadley, m. 1696, Abigail, d. of John Allis, and rem. to Colchester,
there resid. 1714. GEORGE, Lynn, rem. to Southampton, L. I.
in the gr. migrat. of 1640. HUGH, Wethersfield, m. at Hartford, 19
Aug. 1647, Mary, d. of William Rusco, had John, b. 24 May 1648;