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Volume 4, Page 406

affray growing out of the rivalry of La Tour and D'Aulney, the French
govs. See Winthrop II. 178,.

    WANTON, EDWARD, Boston, ship-carpenter, had Edward, b. 1658;
and Margaret, 1661, d. young; in this yr. rem. to Scituate, there had,
by sec. w. Joseph, 1663; George, 1666; Elizabeth 1668; William, 1670;
John, 1672; Sarah and Margaret, tw. 1674; Hannah, 1677; Michael,
1679; Stephen, 1682; and Philip. 1686; and d. 1716. JOHN, Newport,
s. of the preced. m. 4 Mar. or 1 June 1689 (as the day or mo. be
first read in num.) a. d. of Gideon Freeborn, had Elizabeth b. 5 Jan. 1691;
Edward, 20 Apr. 1692; Gideon, 20 Oct. 1693; Sarah, 27 Apr. 1696;
Joseph, 9 June 1698; and Mary, 10 June 1700; was chos. gov. of R. I.
seven yrs. from 1734. and d. 5 May 1740. JOSEPH, Tiverton, br. of
the preced. m. 4 Mar. 1689, Sarah, d. of Gideon Freeborn, had Sarah
and Mary, rememb. in the will of their maiden aunt Susanna; d. 1754.
WILLIAM, Newport, br. of the preced. Gov. 1732 to his d. next yr. m.
1 Jan. 1691, as is shown by the rec. of Portsmouth, R. I. Ruth Bryant,
perhaps d. of John of Scituate, had Margaret, b. 24 Oct. 1692, d. young;
George, 24 Aug. 1694; William 22 Oct. 1696; Peter, 22 Mar. 1698,
d. young; Ruth, 12 July 1701, d. soon; Edward, 11 Apr. 1702; Joseph,
15 Aug. 1705; Benjamin, 9 June 1707; and Elizabeth 4 Oct. 1709, d.

    WAPLES, WHAPPLES or WHAPLES, THOMAS, Hartford 1643, was
still therein the list of freem. 1669, but nothing more is to be found of
him, exc. that he d. 10 Dec. 1671, leav. wid. and seven ch. whose ages
and names appear next mo. at the Prob. Ct. Rebecca, aged 18; Hannah,
16; Thomas, 15; Joseph, 11; Jane, 7; Ephraim, 6; and John, 4. Of
the s. some had fams. but the details are not to be obt. The name is not
kn. to be borne by any now.

    WARD, * ANDREW, Watertown, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Wethersfield
next yr. and with Ludlow, and others, ahd commissn. from Mass.
to gov. the people at Conn,. 1635, for one yr. yet in the docum. in our
Col. Rec. I. 171, his name, on the repetit. is Warner; was rep. 1636
and 7, rem. to Stamford 1641, and Trumbull, Hist. thinks he was of
Hempstead, L. I. 1643, yet in 1653, I find him again rep. no doubt, for
Fairfield; but went at last to the Dutch, and is ment. in Bolton's West
Chester I. 161, as founder of gr. reput. Yet Goodwin gives no countenance
to such a rem. but says he d. at F. 1659, and by w. Esther, wh.
d. not, as he says, in 1667, but early in 1665, he suplies him these ch.
Edmund, William, Mary, Andrew, Samuel, Abigail, Ann, John, and
Sarah, of not one of wh. is the date of b. kn. exc. Andrew's, 1647.
Mary m. the sec. John Burr; Ann m. prob. Caleb Nichols; and Sarah