Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p405


Volume 4, Page 405

his ch. were b. came in some sh. earlier than his common. been thot. at
least drew for houselot at Hingham, 18 Sept. 1635, and was freem. 3
Mar. foll. was but few yrs. at H. prob. longer at M. certain. in 1648,
perhaps at Lynn a short time a. 1642, and may have taught for most of
his latter yrs. part of ea. season, perhaps at Manchester, to wh,. he was
activ. as a propr. of Jeffery's cove, in bring. the governm. to gr. incorp.
1645, and d. in autum 1668; inv. of his est. was tak. 23 Nov. of this yr.
and he had allowance for his min. serv. up to that time at Marblehead.
His w. was Elizabeth ch. b. in Eng. were, as is said, John, 6 Apr. 1627;
Elizabeth 27 Oct. 1629; Martha, 26 Apr. 1632; and at H. was Nathaniel, 3
Mar. 1636; and at M. were Samuel, 5, bapt. 20 June 1639; Josiah 20
Dec. 1640, bapt. 2 Jan. foll.; and Mary, 14, bapt. 26 May 1644. Elizabeth
m. a Conant; Martha m. a Munjoy, perhaps Walter; and Mary m.
Robert Bartlett. Mather spelt this, in his list of min. of the first classis,
Magn. III. 3, Waltham, and his authority (suppos. he must sometimes be
right) I prefereed to Johnsons's in my note to Winthrop I. 169, for wh. Dr.
Farmer admin, gentle rebuke. Increase Mather relat. in Remark.
Providence. the d. of Josiah by lightning, spells the name correctly, as I
now have.

    WALVER, ABRAHAM, H. C. 1647, is all that can be told of this man
on our side of the Atlantic. He went home, and was min. in the shire
where his fam. friends liv. as Hutch. I. tells.

    WALWIN, THOMAS. See Wallen.

    WALWORTH, WILLIAM, New London 1691, with w. Abigail, came
from Eng. on invit. of Gov. Fitzjohn Winthrop, to manage his farm on
Fisher Isl. and Martha, bapt. 24 Jan. 1692; Mary; John; Joanna; and
tw. ch. Thomas and James. he d. 1703, and his wid. surv. until 14
Jan. 1752.

    WAMPAS, JOHN, Boston, an Ind. wh. has sev. conveyances of ld. in
Boston 1657-68

    WANDELL, THOMAS, Newtown, L. I. 1648, by idle tradit. said to have
been a maj. in the army of Oliver Cromwell, ahd hav. a dispute with the
unfledge. Protector, to have fled for safety to Holland, thence to our
country, m. the wid. of William Herrick, had no ch. but fine est. wh. he
gave to his neph. Richard Alsop, wh. he brot. from Eng. when he visit.
home many yrs. aft. and d. 1691. See Riker, Ann. 335.

    WANNERTON, THOMAS, Portsmouth, Kittery, and anywhere along
shore, where drink was easily got, a milit. offic. in serv. of Mason, sent
prob. in 1633, when his Gov. Neal was req. to go home; but he was
also one of the patentees in the Laconia gr. perhaps had no w. or ch. yet
honor. with agencies of Mass. 1641 and 2; and was k. 1644 in a wild