Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p403

Volume 4, Page 403

country, emb. Jane w. aged 19, wh. may have been sis. of the Hartford

    WALTER or WALTERS, NATHANIEL, Roxbury, s. of Rev. Nehemiah,
ord. 10 July 1734, min. of 2d ch. m. 24 Apr. 1635, Rebecca, d. of William
Abbot of Brookline, had Sarah, b. 29 Mar. 1736; William, 7 Oct.
1737, H. C. 1756, the rector of Trinity ch. and aft. of Christ ch. in
Boston; Rebecca, 19 Apr. 1739; Nehemiah, 13 June 1741; and Maria,
10 Mar. 1743; and he d. 11 Mar. 1776; and his wid. d. 30 Apr. 1790.
NEHEMIAH, Roxbury, br. of Thomas, b. at Youghall in Ireland, and
tradit. says he was sent by his f. to be apprent. to an upholsterer in Boston
in 1674, but H. C. 1684, ord. 17 Oct. 1688, collea. with blessed John
Eliot at first ch. freem. 1690, m. 1691, Sarah, third d. of Rev. Increase
, had Increase, b. 8 Oct. 1692, H. C. 1711, d. at 26 yrs.; Sarah,
4 Mar. 1695; Thomas, 13 Dec. 1696, H. C. 1713; Hannah, 8 July
1699; Nehemiah, 22 Apr. 1701, d. within a yr.; Maria, 4 Aug. 1703;
Nehemiah, again, 17 Sept. 1705, d. young; Samuel, 24 July 1710; and
Nathaniel, 15 Aug. 1711, H. C.1729; was an able man, d. 17 Sept.
1750, and his wid. d. 1758. Sarah m. 25 Sept. 1723, John Walley;
Hannah m. 18 Sept. 1718, Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton as his sec.
w. THOMAS, Boston, a lawyer, said to have sprung from Lancashire,
but sett. at Youghall in Ireland, where his s. Nehemiah was b. 1663,
wh. he brot. a. 1678, and 2 Nov. 1680 join. Mather's ch. He had sec.
w. Abigail, wid. of David East, formerly wid. of Jonathan Woodbury,
d. of Henry Phillips, as the pedigree in Gen. Reg. VIII. 209 shows,
and by her had Nathaniel, b. 30 Jan. 1688; and Abigail, wh. it is said,
m. 18 May 1721, Benjamin Wolcott; and d. bef. Dec. 1698. THOMAS,
Falmouth, is by Willis I. 215, said to have come with w. Hannah, a.
1682, from Salem,where he was mariner, and sett. at Perpooduck,
wh. is now the town of Cape Elizabeth lying across the riv. from Portland,
and he adds, that his w. was 25 yrs. old at that date; and further,
that his s. William 1732 liv. in Boston, in a deed convey. his f.'s prop.
at Falmouth, call. hims. "s. and only heir." But he errs in mak. the
late Bp. W. of this stock. THOMAS, Roxbury, s. of Rev. Nehemiah,
ord. 29 Oct. 1718, collea. with his f. m. 25 Dec. foll. Rebecca, d. of Rev.
Joseph Belcher of Dedham, had Rebecca, b. 1722; and he d. of consumpt.
10 Jan. 1725 hav. much disting. hims. in his short serv. WILLIAM,
Boston 1674. Sometimes this name of wh. six, Farmer says,
had been gr. in 1834 at Harv. one at Yale, and two at other N. E. coll.
had final s.

    WALTERS, JACOB, and STEPHEN, whose ws. Sarah and Sarah join.
the Charlestown ch. 1681 and 2, acc. Budington, 250, seem to me, more
truly, as Frothingham, 183, call. Waters, wh. see.