Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p402


Volume 4, Page 402

m. 18 Nov. 1686, Ann, perhaps d. of Richard Shortridge, was of
the gr. jury that yr. JOHN, Woburn, d. 8 Aug. 1670. JOHN, Scarborough
1658, perhaps in the Ind. war was driv. to Gloucester, there was
liv. 1678, d. 1690. NATHANIEL, Scarborough, perhaps br. of John, was
from Cornwall, constable for Falmouth, and sw. alleg. to Mass. 1658;
but in July 1660 had three ch. bapt. by Robert Jordan, wh. adher. to
the ch. of Eng. in that her lowest hour of distress, and was censur. for
it, by our Gen. Ct. as the col. Rec. IV. shows. I kn. he had w. Margaret,
and s. John, wh. may have been one of those bapt. acc. the
rubric; and the fam. was driv. to the W. by the Ind. war, and he sat
down at Beverly, call. hims. 58 yrs. in 1692, and d. 18 Oct. 1709, and
his wid. d. 14 May 1711, aged more than 80. Shurtleff has print. the
name as represent. on the rec. by hte wild hand of the clk. but in Hutch.
Coll. 398, and Paige's list of Freemen, I imagine we have the true one.
* NICHOLAS, Ipswich, s. of Robert, m. a d. of Humphrey Bradstreet,
had Samuel, prob. others bef. or aft. or both, was freem. 1674, and rep.
1691. RALPH, came in the Abigail from London 1635, aged 40, perhaps
bring. s. George, at least, we kn. that a youth with that name was
fell. passeng. RICHARD, Saybrook 1659, rem. next yr. to Norwich.
ROBERT, Ipswich 1638, had Nicholas, perhaps more. THOMAS, Freem.
of Mass. 1643, with prefix of respect, yet may inq. for his resid. is not
successf. WILLIAM, Charlestown, adm. of the ch. 30 Nov. 1642, of wh.
no more than Budington's copy of the copy of that rec. (the orig. being
lost) is kn. to me; yet I see that somebody of this surname at C. had a
ch. b. a. 1659, tho. the clk. omits name and date.

    WALSALL or WALSHALL, WILLIAM, Boston, with his w. were recommend.
by the ch. to that of Lynn, 10 July 1647; but of h. of w. I find
not, how or when either was recd. of our ch.

    WALSBY or WALSBEE, DAVID, Braintree, freem. 1651, by w. Hannah,
wh. d. 2 Feb. 1656, had Samuel, b. 9 Apr. 1`651; and David,
1655; and 24 Sept. next yr. m. sec. w. Ruth Ball. DAVID, Boston, s.
prob. of the preced.

    WALSINGHAM, is a fictitious name, I presume, for Francis Johnson of
Marblehead, by Farmer adopt. from Dana's Hist. Disc. p. 7. See Johnson.

    WALSTON or WALSTONE, JOHN, Killingworth, perhaps s. of Thomas
of Hartford, m. 1677, Ann, d. of Benjamin Wright of Guilford, had
Thomas, b. 1678; and d. 1680. His wid. m. 7 Nov. 1683, Dr. Peter
Tallman of Guilford. THOMAS, Hartford 1644, was fin. 20s. for inveighl.
the affections of Mr. Olcott's maid. That prohibit. of law was
borrowed by Conn. from Mass. The name seems an unusual one; yet
in the Truelove, at London, 1635, the latest ship in that yr. for this