Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p401

Volume 4, Page 401

Allen, acc. Bridgman, 34, but I prefer the old Col. record, that makes
George Shove (tho. so much reverence, as to be call. Mr. without a bapt.
name) to m. 18 Feb. 1674, 5, Mistris Walley, wh. in her maidenly glory
as d. of Rev. Thomas, need. not other designat. and Mary, wh. m. Nov.
1668, Job Crocker. He perhaps had other ch. wh. d. in London; was
call. a man of great esteem, d. on Sunday, 24 Mar. 1678, aged 61, as
in Farmer, wh. mistook the yr. by foll. the law, when custom had
begun to change the enumera. of the first month in the yr. for the forward
not the backward yr. as well from the first day, as from the 25th.
Bradstreet's Journal of May 1678 ment. of the d. in Feb. or Mar.
preced. settles the question. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 49. His wid. Hannah
m. THOMAS, Barnstable, s. of the preced. prob. some yrs. older
than John, the milit. com. had fam. we kn. as two m. ds. are ment. in the
will of their uncle. Perhaps he had one or more sons; but no certain
kn. has reach. me. Late. I have learn. that my conclus. of the m. of
George Shove with d. of first Thomas, rather than wid. of the sec. was
wrong. This sec. Barntsbale Thomas, wh. by early d. bef. his f. led to
the false infer. had m. Hannah, d. of Nathaniel Bacon, and she next m.
as above said, Rev. George Shove of Taunton. THOMAS, Boston, m.
22 Sept. 1692, Christian Johnson; but I kn. nothing more of either.
WILLIAM, Charlestown, m. 18 Feb. 1684, Sarah Marshal, perhaps
d. of William.

    WILLINGFORD or WALLINSFORD, JOHN, Dover, m. 16 Dec. 1687,
Mary, d. of John Tuttle the sec. of the same, had Thomas, b. a. 1697,
and prob. others, bef. or aft. or both. NICHOLAS, Bradford, m. 4 Dec.
1678, Elizabeth Palmer. It is strange that we kn. nothing of this fam. for
wid. Sarah hav. ten ch. wish. admin. of her h. (one of the ch. may have
been that Nicholas) applied to the Gen. Ct. 1683 for some purpose, on
wh. the Ct. resolv. that the County Ct. in Essex was authoriz. to do
all that was proper. I conject. that her h. was Nicholas of Rowley
1663. Only ch. Nicholas is ment. by wid. Elizabeth when she took admin.
June 1682.

    WALLINGTON, NICHOLAS, Newbury, "a poor boy" says custom
-ho. rec. of the passeng. in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, when
by the place in wh. his name is insert. I judge that he was, with others,
serv. of Stephen Kent; a short time was of Rowley, a. 1663; m. 30
Aug. 1654, says Coffin, Sarah, d. of Henry Travers of N. had John, b.
16 Sept. 1655, d. soon; Nicholas, 2 Jan. 1657; John, again, 7 Apr.
1659; Sarah, 20 May 1661; Mary, 20 Aug. 1663; James, 6 Oct.
1665; Hannah, 27 Nov. 1667; William, 7 Feb. 1670; and perhaps
others aft. was freem. 1670; and Coffin says was tak. at sea, perhaps
sev. yrs. aft. by some Barbary corsair, no doubt, and never came back.
My suggest. is that he is the h. of that wid. wh. is ment. in the article
preced. for sometimes the name is Wallingford.

    WALLIS or WALLACE, GEORGE[1], a youth of 15 yrs. came in the
Abigail, from London 1635, perhaps s. of Ralph, wh. came at the same
time; in Dec. 1656 was of Rumney Marsh, part of Boston now Chelsea,
there had good est. may have ben f. of the foll.[1] GEORGE[1], Portsmouth,