Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p386


Volume 4, Page 386

1644; Mary, 24 Aug. 1645; and Martha, b 19 Apr. bapt. 19 May
1650, prob. for the date in Geneal. Reg. IX. 363, is, manifestly, wrong
for Sunday. So is, perhaps, ano. ch. Mary, as if he had two of that
name, bapt. three days apart, when only one of them could be Sunday.
He d. 1660, leav. wid. and three ds. The wid. m. 17 Oct. 1661, James
of New Haven, and d. 1695. Hannah m. 1662, as his sec. w.
Edward Grannis; Mary m. 27 Oct. 1663, Ebenezer Dibble, and next,
15 June 1677, James Hillier; and Martha m. 21 Oct. 1668, Nicholas
. JOHN, Boston, had Elizabeth wh. m. 20 Aug. 1660 Joseph Frost,
and perhaps rem. the same yr. to Edgartown, but he may have been the
one, wh. at Wells. 1653, submit. to the jurisdict. of Mass. JOHN, Boston,
perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Deliverance, had Deliverance, b. 8 Sept.
1664; Ann, 2 Sept. 1666; John, 27 Jan. 1669; Samuel, 1 May 1674,
prob. d. soon; and Samuel, again, 15 Jan. 1678; was, I suppose, that
householder in 1695, wh. d. 1703. His will of 18 Oct. 1698, prob. 14
Mary. 1704, gave all to w. Deliverance for her life with power, on few
occasions bestowed, to div. among his ch. at her pleasure. OPBADIAH,
Boston, join. Mather's ch. June 1682,and was adm. freem. Feb. foll. had
w. Susanna, and ch. Obadiah, b. 4 May 1674, d. soon; Obadiah, again,
1 Nov. 1677; John, 4 July 1682; and Samuel, 15 May 1686; not
any more on town rec. but on ch. rec. are found, Ann, bapt. 8 Dec.
1689, perhas d. soon; Ann, again, 29 May 1692; Deborah, 21 Apr.
1695; Ann, again, 27 Feb. 1698. SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had
Elizabeth b. 2 Mar. 1675; Ebenezer, 12 Sept. 1684; Joshua, 19 Aug. 1686;
and Dorcas, 5 Feb. 1689; was the mem. of ar. co. 1676, to wh. the Gen.
Ct. in 1684, did not grant his req. to set up a wooden frame. WILLIAM,
Hamtpon, the freem. of 13 Mar. 1639, town clk. in 1641, is prob.
he wh. came in the Bevis, the yr. bef. from Southampton, aged 22, with
w. or sis. Ann, 20, as serv. of Stephen Dummer of Newbury; and, Coffin
ways, came again to Newbury 1646.

    WAKEHAM or WAKCOME, EDWARD, perhaps of Dover, wh. may have
been s. of John, m. 16 Mar. 1692, Sarah, d. of John Meader, JOHN,
Dover, or that neighborhood, in 1689, prayed for governm. of Mass. to
be extend over their country.

    WAKELY, WAKLEE or WAKELIN, HENRY, Hartford, but not orig.
propr. own. two lots there, yet rem. to Stratford, perhaps yr. bef. the
enumerat. as freem. 1669. His will of 11 July 1689, names three s.
Deliverance, James, and Jacob, ds. Patience, Abigail, and Mary Stevens.
It gave also to Thomas Lettin, and Elizabeth Squier; and names his
w. Sarah. ISAAC, Gloucester, s. of Thomas, was lost by shipwreck with
Muddle a. 1662; but ano. Isaac, also s. of Thomas, was k. by the Ind.
JAMES, Hartford 1649, may have been earlier inhab. there, and rem. to