Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p387


Volume 4, Page 387

Wethersfield, where he m. Alice, wid. of James Boosy. Some controv.
was rais. a. this m. as it seems, for the Gen. Ct. of Conn. in Feb. 1653,
judg. the act. of Dept. Gov. Haynes in m. them to be legal. However
heas was not long content. to live with old neighbors. and rem. to Newport,
1665. At Providence he sent, 1680, to Conn. petitn. for divorce, and his
w. desir. divorce also. Neither prevail. JOHN, Falmouth, s. of Thomas,
had been of Gloucester 1656, m. 10 May of unkn. yr. but perhaps
1657, Elizabeth Sowers, says Geneal. Reg. IV. 366, had Hannah, of whose
b. we hae the day 12, but not the mo. nor yr.; Thomas, b. 3 Sept.
1659, d. in 3 days; and Elizabeth 31 Jan. 1662; was k. with w. and ch. by
the Ind. Sept. 1675. His d. Elizabeth however, was tak. by the Ind. at that
time, and in June 1676 restor. and m. Richard Scammon of Dover, and
had plenty of ch. He is the man, whose name in the inestimable Coll.
of Hutchinson, 398, is print. Marklie. RICHARD, Haddam, had been
made freem. 1657, bef. H. was incorp. d. 6 Aug. 1681. His est. was
distrib. to the wid. two s. and one d. all nameless. THOMAS, Hingham
1635, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, had perhaps that Thomas, wh. d. 23 June,
1644, rem. to Falmouth 1661, was there in 1675, with w. s. and his w.
and four ch. k. by the Ind. Willis I. 137.

    WAKELING, LUKE, Rowley 1662, is prob. the same fam. name as the

    WAKEMAN or WAKMAN, EZBON, ISBUN or ISBON, Stratford, among
the freem. 1669, s. of Samuel of Hartford, had liv. at New Haven
1653, m. 1 Apr. 1669, at Guilford, Hannah Jordan, but bef. 1671, had
purch. est. at Fairfield, where he d. 1683, leav. only d. Abigail, wh. m.
Thomas Hill. His wid. Hannah, m. 1685, Joseph Bastard. JOHN,
New Haven 1639, was treasr. of that Col. 1656, d. 1661; had a w. for
the Hist. Disc. of Dr. Bacon, in his seating of the metting-ho. 10 Mar.
1646, gives the name of sis. W. s. Samuel, and Elizabeth m. 11 Mar. 1657,
Samuel Kitchell, one of the early sett. at Newark, N. J; and Ellen,
ano. d. m. 29 Oct. 1650, the sec. John Talcott. Goodwin calls him Rev.
but the reason for this distinct. is not seen. The f. made his will at
Hartford and d. there. * SAMUEL, Roxbury 1631, br. of John, came in
the Lion, arr. in Nov. freem. 7 Aug. foll. prob. rem. to Cambridge, was
rep. at the May sess. 1635, and rem. with Gov. Haynes, or rather as his
forerun. to Hatford, where in Apr. 1636, he was made constable, and
engag. in adjust. the bounds of the first settlem. of Windsor and Wethersfireld,
was k. in the smummer of 1641, with capt. Pierce at Providence
in the Bahamas, as told by Winthrop, II. 33. His est. was in Dec.
1645, sett. on Nathaniel Willett, wh. had m. his wid. Elizabeth but he was to
pay £40. to the s. when 21 yrs. old. and £20. to ea. of 3 ds. on their
coming to 18. They were all young, for the ch. rec. of Roxbury informs