Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p310


Volume 4, Page 310

    TOLMAN, JOHN, Dorchester, s. of Thomas the first freem. 1678, at
Lynn m. 30 Nov. 1666, Elizabeth d. of John Collins, mo. of all his ch. wh.
d. 7 Oct. 1690; and 15 June 1692, he took sec. w. Mary, wid. of Samuel
Paul, d. of Edward Breck, wh. d. 25 Aug. 1720; d. 1 Jan. 1725, in
83d yr. He had Elizabeth b. 14 Dec. 1667; John 8 Apr. 1671; Joseph, 6
Sept. 1674; Benjamin, 6 Dec. 1676; Henry, 13 Mar. 1679; Ann, 2 Mar.
1681; Ebenezer, 27 Mar. 1683; Ruth, 1 July 1685; and William, 2
Sept. 1687. THOMAS, Dorchester 1636, freem. 13 May 1640, by w.
Sarah had Hannah, b. 27 July 1642; but prob. Thomas, bef. and
perhaps also Sarah and Mary; beside John, perhaps, and Ruth and
Rebecca, certain, after. He had also sec. w. Sarah; and d. 8 June
1690. His will of 29 Oct. 1688, names Thomas, his oldest s. and no
other s. but John; d. Sarah. wh. had m. 18 Mar. 1669, Henry Leadbetter,
Rebecca, w. of James Tucker, Ruth, w. dec. of Isaac Royal, Hannah,
w. of George Lyon, and d. Mary Collins, whose h. is not kn. to me.
His inv. was of 23 July 1690. THOMAS, Dorchester, s. of the preced.
freem. 1678, by w. Elizabeth d. of Richard Johnson of Lynn, m. 4 Nov.
1664, had Thomas; Mary, b 26 Nov. 1671; Samuel, 11 June 1676;
and Daniel, 1 May 1679. See his will in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 259.

    TOMLINSON, AGUR, Stratford, s. of Henry of the same, m. 13 Dec.
1681, Elizabeth d. of Jeremiah Judson. HENRY, Milford, 1652, rem. to
Stratford prob. 1665, certain bef. 1669, when he is found in the freemen's
list; had w. Alice, and ch. Jonas, Margaret, Mary, and Tabitha, not rec.
at Stratford; Phebe, b. 14 Aug. 1656; Agur, 1 Nov. 1658; Bathshua,
3 Jan. 1661; and Abraham, perhaps b. earlier, d. 1662; and d. 16 Mar.
1681. His will of the day bef. ment. that Margaret had m. Jabez Hardier;
Mary was w. of a Pierson; Tabitha, w. of Edward Woster;
Phebe, w. of ano. Wooster; and Bathshua, w. of Ephraim Stiles; and
Jonas; all of wh. had been portion. and aft. good provis. for wid. Alice,
gives resid. of est. to Agur. The wid. m. John Birdseye, sen. under a
contr. of 8 Oct. 1688. JONAS, Stratford, s. of the preced. was adm.
freem. 1669. Both f. and s. were active in project. var. settlem. the s.
was one of the first sett. at Derby, as early as 1678, made his will in
1692, naming w. Hannah. He had copious progeny, prob. for the catal.
of Yale names twelve gr. of this name, wh. is seen in the early rec.
sometimes without the last sylla.

    TOMLYNS, THOMLINS or TOMLINS, BENJAMIN, prob. at Lynn, came
in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 18, from London, with ano. Edward,
30, from wh. I infer that they were brs. and likely to be a s. of either the
first Edward or his br. * EDWARD, Lynn 1630, came, no doubt, in
the fleet with Winthrop and was adm. freem. 18 May 1631, was rep. at
the first Gen. Ct. of deput. 1634, and next yr. ar. co. 1638, clk. of the