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Volume 4, Page 250

Dorchester 1635. In support of this name, Farmer MS. had cited Harris,
64, but there is no such person found in the town list. LANCELOT,
Boston 1675, merch. MOSES, Plymouth, was at Kennebeck trad. ho.
under com. of John Howland, in Apr. 1634, k. by an interlop. trader
from Portsmouth for attempt to cut his cable. The Portsmouth man was
shot forthwith. Long agitat. of the matter ensued, as may be seen in
Winthrop I. 131; and very fully in Bradford's Hist. 316-22. WILIIAM,
Boston 1651, sailmaker, by w. Cicely, had Judith, b. 4 July 1652 d.
young; Mary, 21 June 1655; and Joseph, 13 Oct. 1657.

    TALBY or TOLBY, JOHN, Salem 1635, had sev. ch. by w. Dorothy,
wh. was hang. 6 Dec. 1638, acc. to her sentence, two days bef. for murder
of her d. Difficulty, that had been bapt. 25 Dec. 1636. See Col.
Rec. I. 246 and Winthrop I. 279. She had been pun. for beat. and attempt.
to k. her h. and other ch. as well as hers. and Felt, II. 456, is satisf.
that she was insane, and her h. was excommun. for unnaturalness to
her. Hutch. I. 420. He d. June 1645. STEPHEN, Boston 1662, a
mariner, by w. Hannah had Stephen, b. 9 Aug. 1663; Samuel, 9 Jan.
1665; and John, 4 May 1671.

    TALCOTT, TAILCOAT, TAYLCOAT, or other var. JOHN, Cambridge
1632 came that yr. in the Lion, emb. at London in June, arr. 16 Sept.
is said to have been s. of John of Braintree in Co. Essex (and the only
s. wh. sur. that f. in 1604, and a minor at that time, tho. he had five ds.
then liv.) and to have m. Dorothy, d. of Benjamin Smith, brot. ch. John,
Mary, and at C. had Samuel, b. a. 1635, H. C. 1658; was freem. 6 Nov.
1632, rep. at the first assemb. in May 1634, and five foll. cts. includ. May
1636, soon aft. wh. he rem. with Hooker and the gr. emigr. to Hartford,
where a petty tradit. says his ho. was built in 1635; was rep. at the first
Court in 1637, as also in every foll. yr. until 1654, when he was rais. to
be Assit. and one of the two comnissnrs. the N. E. cols. also made
treas. of the Col. until aft. the elect. in May 1659, and soon d. His
wid. liv. 10 yrs. more, and in the will of 22 Sept. 1669, names ch. John,
and Samuel only ; Mary, wh. m. 28 June 1649, Rev. John Russell of
Wethersfield, being, d. JOHN, Hartford s. of the preced. b. in Eng. was
ens. 1650, and m. 29 Oct. of that yr. Helena, or Ellen, Wakeman, prob.
d. of John of New Haven, had John, b. 4 Nov. 1651 d. soon; John,
again, 14 Dec. 1653, wh. d. 30 July 1683, or 1684, without issue; Elizabeth
21 Feb. 1656; Samuel, 21 Aug. 1658, d. at 22 yrs.; Mary, 26 Apr.
1661 ; Hannah, 8 Dec. 1663; Dorothy, 20 Feb. 1667; Joseph, 16 Nov.
1669; and Helena, 17 June 1674; his w. d. days aft. and he m. 9
Nov. 1676, Mary Cook, had Ruth, 12 Sept. 1677; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1679,
d. in 3 wks.; Rachel, 23 Feb. 1682; Jonathan, 15 Feb. 1684; and Hezekiah,
24, bapt. 28 Feb. 1686; and this youngest ch. sett. at Durham.