Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p224


Volume 4, Page 224

    STRICKLAND or STICKLAND, EDMUND, Middleburg, L. I. prob. s. of
John, was there in 1656-86. See Riker, Ann of Newtown. JOHN,
Mass. 1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winthrop but no rec. shows of
what town he was inhab. and neither Bond, exc. as Stickland, p. 950,
Felt, Frothingham, Ellis, Holmes, Lewis, nor Snow claim him for their
towns, as citizen, yet he desir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. and was sw. on 18
May foll. then call. serj. Perhaps he was not a mem. of either of the
chs. but a man of good consider. evidently, as he serv. on that sp. jury
at the Ct. of Assist. May 1631, wh. gave the exempl. damages in the
action of battery by Dexter against Capt. Endicott. At the Ct. in
Sept. 1632 he was fin. L3 for refus. to watch, but at the Gen. Ct.
Sept. 1638, it was remit. to him, as were those of Sir Richard Saltonstall,
Gov. Dudley, Edward Gibbons, and so many others, that it perhaps
gave more satisfact. than any session has ever done since, and may
be call. the gr. remission term. With certainty no more is kn. of him,
but, I suppose, he was one of the patentees of Hempstead, L. I. 1644,
and one of the first sett. at Huntington 1650. He had, we can hardly
doubt, a fam. JOHN, Wethersfield, perhaps s. of the preced. m. Esther,
d. of Richard Smith, the gr. landholder of that town, on the E. side of
the gr. riv. wh. bec. Glastenbury in 1690. In his will of 1680 Smith
ment. him; but I can find no more, exc. that Chapin, in the Centen.
Disc. 193, names his ch. John, Samuel, and Benjamin. JONATHAN,
WethersfieId, perhaps br. of the preced. of wh. no more is heard, than
that he was a witness, 23 Jan. 1680, brot. to prove against John Hale,
that he curs. k. Charles. See Kilbourne, 15, note. PETER, New London
1670 (Miss Caulkins informs me), by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth bapt. 1
Aug. 1675; Peter, 11 Aug. 1678; Priscilla, 5 Mar. 1682; Thomas;
Samuel; Sarah; and Mary; and d. 1723. Elizabeth m. Richard Dart, s. of
Richard, I suppose; and Priscilla m. William Mynard. PETER, s. of
the preced. d. 1710, leav. only ch. Ann, inf. THWAITES, or THWAIT,
Dedham 1643, perhaps s. or br. of John, his w. join. the ch. 3 May
1650, and had her ch. Elizabeth and John bapt. on Sunday aft.; and Rebecca
19 Jan. foll. He rem. to the Narraganset country, on serv. of
Gen. Gookin, wh. built a ho. for him at Misquamicut, now Westerly.
See Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 546. His d. Elizabeth m. Samuel Andrews of
Hartford. Farmer MS. notes, that of this name was one of the celebr.
Westminster Assemb. and that the fam. was of Co. Westmoreland.

    STRIKER, JOSEPH, Salem, m. 10 Apr. 1673, Hannah, d. of Richard
Waters of the same, had Hannah, b. 10 Jan. 1674; Dorcas, 2 Mar.
1676, d. at 2 mos; Deborah, 17 June 1677; Dorcas, again, 4 Apr.
1680; Joseph, 14 Nov. 1681; and Abigail, 4 Mar. 1684; beside
Benjamin, 18 Mar. 1689.

    STRONG, EBENEZER, Northampton, fifth s. of Elder John, m. 14