Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p223

Volume 4, Page 223

doubt not, by the first. Hooke being drawn to Eng. from New Haven,
where he had been teacher conjunct. with famous Davenport, our Taunton
min. was call. 1659 to take his place and was induct. 26 Nov. there d. 22
Apr. 1674. Dodd, in East Haven reg. tells, that Susanna m. a Mason,
whose name is not found; Sarah m. 1662, James Heaton; Abiah m. 28
Sept. 1663, Daniel Sherman; and Hannah m. an Andrews. SAMUEL,
Wallingford, only s. of the preced m. 3 Nov. of the same yr. in wh. he had
his A. B. Ann, d. of Richard Miles, had Ann, b. Aug. 1665; Samuel,
July 1667; Mary, Sept. 1670; Nicholas, 14 July 1677; and Sarah, 13
Jan. 1681; of wh. the first three d. young. He began to preach at W.
1672, and was ord. in 1674, took sec. w. 1 Nov. 1684, Maudlin Daniels,
had Samuel, again, 8 Nov. 1685; James, 28 Dec. 1686; Ann, again,
26 Aug. 1688; and he took third w. 14 July 1690, Hannah Glover, had
Eleanor, 3 Dec. 1691; Nathaniel, 19 Jan. 1693; Elnathan, 2 Sept.
1695; Mary, 16 Apr. 1698; and John, 25 Oct. 1703; and d. 16 Jan.
1717, being, as his successor wrote in 1770 with some exagger. eighty
two yrs. old, but Dodd says above 75. STEPHEN, freem. of Mass. 1644,
may have been of Concord or Sudbury; but the sagacity of Farmer
suggest. better habitat. as in the next artic. WILLIAM, came in the
Jonathan, 1639, and exc. that Peter Noyes of Sudbury paid for his
pass. whereby it might be judg. that he brot. him as a serv. no more
is kn.

    STREETER, SAMUEL, Concord, s. prob. of Stephen the first, by w.
Mary had Judah, b. 1666; Eleazer, 1668; beside a John, wh. d. 1667;
and ano. John 1671. SAMUEL, Edgartown 1663, was drown. there 19
Nov. 1669. STEPHEN, Gloucester 1642, perhaps was owner of a ho.
earlier, rem. to Charlestown, there by w. Ursula had Hannah, b. 10
Nov. 1644; was freem. prob. as Farmer happily conject. that yr. in
May, but not adm. in right of the Charlestown ch. to wh. he unit. with
his w. 21 Mar. not Oct. as Barry made it, 1652. He prob. had other
ch. bef. or aft. or both, Stephen, Samuel and John, and, I think, d. bef.
1657, in wh. yr the wid. m. 13 Oct. Samuel Hosier; and she had third
h. and 15 July 1673 took for her fourth Griffin Crafts. STEPHEN, Water
town, s. prob. of the pr. preced. by w. Deborah had Stephen, b. 20 June
1667; Sarah, 2 Oct. 1669; and Barry gives them, at Cambridge, Rebecca,
1683; Deborah, 1685; Joseph, 1687; Benjamin, 1689; d.
next yr. and the mo. d. 7 Apr. 1689. Barry finds ano. STEPHEN, with
w. Rebecca, at Muddy riv. (Brookline) 1679.

    STRETCHER, HENRY, Watertown 1687, appears to have been unm.

    STRETTON, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had William, b. 30
Jan. 1659; but I hear no more of him. Perhaps this surname may be
the same as Stratton.