Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p22


Volume 4, Page 22

Oct. 1663; Jonathan, 3 Nov. 1672, bapt. 5 Jan foll. d. soon; and
Lydia, b. 17 Feb. 1675, d. at 2 yrs. and he d. 4 Sept. 1706, aged
78. Elizabeth m. 3 Nov. 1680, Solomon Veazie. ROBERT, Cambridge
1636, ar. co. 1638, freem. 23 May 1639, rem. it is thot. to Boston
soon, and aft. to Dorchester, where, in 1680, he was a poor man. TOBIAS,
Taunton 1643, rem. to Newport, there was one of the freem. in
1655, and of Stonington 1669, yet on the R. I. side of the riv. now
Westerly, and had to sustain many yrs. the claim against Conn. usurpat.
His w. was Mary, d. of the first Joseph Clark of Newport[1]. WILLIAM,
Hampton, a carpenter, had been in this country 2 or 3 yrs. bef. he went
to plant there, Sept. 1638, with Rev. Stephen Bachiler and others. Of
this name, oft. spell. without u, Farmer says, eight had, in 1829, been
gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. six were of Harv.

    SAUNDERSON, BENJAMIN, Watertown, s. of Robert, by w. Mary had
Mary, b. 29 Nov. 1677; and Bond tells no more. EDWARD, Watertown,
m. 15 Oct. 1645, Mary Eggleston, by Bond thot. to be eldest d. of
Bigod, but he was not (for that d. was only 4 yrs. old), and prob. was
his sis. had Jonathan, b. 15 Sept. 1646; and Esther, call. strange. a
young person, when bapt. 20 Mar. 1687, Bond constr. the phrase to
mean only unm. But he may have had other ch. bef. or aft. rem. to
Cambridge, and perhaps, went home. In the vicin. of W. num. descend.
are found. HENRY, Sandwich 1643. JONATHAN, Watertown, s. of Edward,
perhaps the only one, m. 24 Oct. 1669, Abia, youngest d. of Thomas,
Bartlett of W.
had Abia and Jonathan, tw. b. 28 Oct. 1673; Thomas,
10 Mar. 1675; John, 25 Mar. 1677; Benjamin, 28 May 1679; Samuel,
28 May 1681; Edward 3 Mar. 1684; and Hannah, 31 May, bapt. at
W. 14 July 1689; was constable 1695, selectman, and deac. many yrs.
His w. d. 13 Sept. 1723, and he d. 3 Sept. 1735. JOSEPH, Boston, s.
perhaps, of Robert the first, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 July 1666.
JOSEPH, Groton, s. of William, m. 30 July 1714, Sarah, d. of Samuel
Page of Concord
, had David, b. 5 Sept. 1715; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1717;
William, 17 July 1718; Hannah, 5 Apr. 1720; Joseph, 17 Mar. 1722,
d. soon; Susanna, 18 May 1723; Gideon, 19 Feb. 1725; Joseph, again,
5 Mar. 1727; Sarah, again, 15 Oct. 1729; and John, 13 Dec. 1731.
ROBERT, Hampton 1638, freem. 7 Sept. 1639, by. w. Lydia had Mary,
bapt. 27 Oct. 1639; rem. to Watertown 1642, prob. aft. m. Mary, wid.
of John Cross of H. and had Joseph, b. 1 Jan. 1643; Benjamin, bapt.
29 July 1649; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1651; Robert, perhaps 3 Oct. 1652;
and John, wh. d. 17 Sept. 1658; rem. next yr. to Boston, and was
partner in gainful business, with John Hull, the night master. He had,
also, eldest ch. by first w. perhaps b. in Eng. Lydia, wh. was m. (by
Gov. Bellingham), 13 Dec. 1654, to Thomas Jones; but as no more is