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Volume 4, Page 216

instance can be found to parallel his blindness; yet if, pity for delus. in
the man must be express. what excuse may be fram. for ignorance in a
magistrate presid. in such unlawful. tribunal. See Quincy in Hist. of
the Univ. I. 178-9. He join. in most unseemly union the various
functions of legislat., Judicial, and executive authority; and in execut.
of his sad duty he was so virulent. possessed against the accused, when
he heard of reprieve of some under sentence of d. at a former term, as
to complain of obstruction of justice, and withdrew from the Court.
The recall of Sir William Phips left him in chief command in the prov.
until arr. of Lord Bellomont in 1669, and he had the gratifica. of laying
the corner stone of a coll. at Cambridge, built at his cost, and honor.
with his name. Again he bec. ch. magistr. on d. of his superior. His
monum. in the grave-yard at D. bears a long inscript. very closely
imitat. from that of the learned Pascal, and has no reference to the
judicial murders at Salem. See scrupul. Eliot's Biog. Dict. and Quincy's
Hist. Harv. In his will, execut. one day bef. his d. pro. 23 of
same mo. many good gifts out of his large est. are made, as beside
others, L50 to the ch. beside two pieces of plate, L50 to the poor of the
town, and L150 to the sch. to the wid. and childr. of Rev. John Collins
L100, to Rev. John Danforth, wh. m. his niece, L50, beside a negro
slave, and and orchard to his w. and L300 to Theophilus Minot, besides
less sums to other relat. and made William Tailer, his neph. afterwards
lieut. Gov. and nieces Elizabeth Danforth, Elizabeth Nelson, and Mehitable
Cooper Excors. Of Theophilus Minot I find no other ment. and am
led to cont. that he was a of the testator's elder sis. Hannah,
wh. had m. James Minot.

    STOVER or STOVARD, JOHN, Pemaquid, perhaps s. of Silvester, sw.
fidel. to Mass. 1674. He liv. in later yrs. at York or Wells, and his
was the fam. that suffer. from the Ind. in Oct. 1705, as Niles tells,
when two of the ch. were k. and two more carr. away. SILVESTER,
York, submit. to Mass. 1652, and sw. alleg. to Charles II. Mar.

    STOW, EDWARD, Watertown 1643, may have been only trans.
visitor, for his name is not found in Bond; nor have I seen it in any
other pt. of N. E. ICHABOD, Middletown, s. of the Rev. Samuel, m.
22 Oct. 1688, Mary, d. of the first David Atwater, of New Haven, had
Abigail, b. 25 Jan. 1693, d. at 7 yrs; and Hope, 31 Oct. 1694. He d.
25 Jan. 1695. * JOHN, Roxbury, came 1634, arr. says the ch. rec. 17
May, in one of those six sh. that came in, as Winthrop tells, in the wk. of
the Gen. Ct.'s meeting, brot. w. Eliz. and six ch. Thomas, Eliz., John,
Nathaniel, Samuel, H. C. 1645, and Thankful; was freem. 3 Sept. foll.
and his w. d. or was bur. 21 Aug. 1638; was rep. at two Courts in