Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p171


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Volume 4, Page 171

Comfort, bapt. Aug. 1671; Jonathan, 1674; and Benjamin, 1679.
Miss Caulkins, with good reason, thinks him eldest s. of Thomas, and
that he d. early in 1688, for his wid. execut. a deed 2 Feb. of that yr.
He prob. is that kinsman, to wh. his gr.f. gave the "Book of Martyrs."
His s. Thomas, Jonathan, and Benjamin contin. the name at N. L. and
Norwich. The progeny of Jonathan have been not. for longev.
THOMAS, Boston, younger br. of the first Comfort, a surgeon, had
come prob. soon aft. 1636, from Canterbury, Co. Kent, and brot.
w. Susan, and one ch. serv. as our Col. rec. shows, in the Pequot war,
1637, and d. perhaps 1640, for in Mar. 1641, his w. Susan had gr. of
Admin. by our Gen. Ct. THOMAS, Duxbury 1639, s. of the first Comfort,
b. in Eng. had serv. in the Pequot war, and rem. early from D.
and liv. at Scituate, where his s. Comfort was b. in 1644, and Elizabeth in
1646; but rem. again to Yarmouth, where he had former. been, for he
was there fin. with others, as a scoffer at religion [Felt, Eccles, Hist. I.
496], and there had Benjamin, 6 Feb. 1648; and Jehosaphat, 12 Jan.
1650. By his profess. it was diffic. to live in so sm. towns, and he
rem. to Charlestown, there was clk. of the writs 1654, in wh. yr. his d.
Constant d. and William was b. wh. d. 13 Dec. 1657; Josiah had been
1 Sept. bef. that, by w. Rachel, as the rec. of C. tells; and he was a
householder, with small income, 1658, and d. in this yr. 26 Oct. leav.
w. Rachel. Neither he nor his w. was mem of the ch. Winsor says
right. that he d. bef. his f. while Thacher, whose Med. Biog. had many
similar erros, extends his life to 1670. Gr. of 400 acres to his desolate
wid. and eight small ch. will be found in Vol. IV. pt. I. p. 355 of our
Col. Rec. WILLIAM, Lynn, d. 5 Feb. 1666, and admin. was giv. to
Robert S. on 12 of same mo. but the rec. titles him late sojourner in
Boston, of Devonsh. wh. depart. this life on his going to Salem on
6th inst. Fifteen of this name had, says Farmer, MS. been gr. in
1834, at the N. E. coll. of wh. eight were of Yale alone, and four of

    STARBOARD or STARBIRD, THOMAS, perhaps of Dover, m. 4 Jan.
1688, Abigail Dam, wh. may have been d. of John, had Jethro. b. 28
Aug 1689; Thomas, 19 Oct. 1691; Agnes, 4 Oct. 1693; Abigail, 29
Sept. 1695; Elizabeth 15 Feb. 1699; John, 10 Mar. 1701; and Samuel, 22
Apr. 1704.

    STARBUCK, * EDWARD, Dover 1640, came from Derbysh. as is
said, m. Eunice or Catharine Reynolds, said to be from Wales, had
s. Nathaniel, b. 1636, and Jethro, ds. Sarah, Abigail, and Esther,
beside Dorcas, wh. went to Nantucket, and m. William Gayer; was
Elder of the ch. rep. 1643, and rem. with his ch. 1660, aft. hav.
been prosecut. for his relig. 1648, as a Bapt. and in short course bec. a