Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p17


Volume 4, Page 17

of the sec. Daniel Morse, had Elizabeth b. 2 Apr. 1693; Mary, 11 Apr.
1695; Hannah, 7 Feb. 1697; Esther, 20 Oct. 1698; Deborah, 5 Aug.
1701; Sarah, 10 Feb. 1705; Richard, 4 Nov. 1706; Abigail, 3 July
1709; and David, 22 Feb. 1712; and d. 1731.

    SANKEYS, ROBERT, Saco, came in the Increase from London, Apr.
1635, aged 30, sent by Robert Cordell, a goldsmith of Lombard street,
says the rec. at custom-ho. appears as a witness with Cleves and
Tucker, to the import. deed of 30 Mar. preced. from Richard Vines,
agent of Sir Ferdinand Gorges, to Arthur Mackworth. Mr. Willis, in
Hist. of Portland, I. 32, recit. the docum. makes it 1635, as "in the
eleventh yr. of Charles," keeping in mind, that the tenth yr. of that
reign end. 27 Mar. 1635, of course three days later was within the
eleventh. Now this witness was then in London, and so, I suppose, tho.
dated in 1635, the indent. was not actually deliver. for some months aft.
Possib. eleventh may be error of the instrum. for twelth. But I leave
the solution to the perspicacity of so good a judge. He was appoint. by
Gorges, in 1640, Provost Marshal, and sat in the first Gen. Ct. of that
Province, with other dignitaries, 25 June of that yr. Willis, I. 47. Of
the doings of that Ct. I employ. an amnanuensis to take large extr.

    SARSOM, RICHARD, Nantucket, a tailor, emb. at London, May
1635, in the Elizbeth and Ann, aged 28, m. a. 1658, Jane, w. of the
sec. Thomas Mayhew, lost in his voyge to Eng. 1657; had Samuel, and

Nebury, by w. Elizabeth had Edward, and Elizabeth b. 2 Dec. 1684;
Nathaniel, 16 Jan. 1687, all at Saco; Elizabeth again, 3 Oct. 1689, at Portsmouth;
Elisha, 24 Oct. 1695; Rachel, 10 Oc. 1698; Ichabod, 5 Aug.
1701; and Abigail, 26 June 1704; as Coffin distrib. them. EPES,
Gloucester, s. of the sec. William of the same, m. 1 Apr. 1721, Esther
Macarty, had Epes, b. 1721; Esther, 1722; Ignatius, 1724; James,
1726, d. next yr.; Winthrop, 1728; Sarah, 1729; Daniel, 1731; Wiliam,
1734; and Benjamin, 1736. He took sec. w. 10 Aug. 1744, wid.
Catharine Brown of Salem, had Paul Dudley, and John; was rep.
1740; rem. to Salem, and d. 6 Dec. 1762. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of
William of the same, m. 19 Mar. 1663, Deborah, d. of Hugh Hillier;
had Joseph, b. 18 Apr. 1663; John, 16 Feb. 1665; Mary; Jabez, Apr.
1669; rem. a. that time to Malden, and was selectman six yrs. His w.
d. 20 Apr. 1669, and he m. 3 Sept. foll. Mary Bense, unless this name
be wrong, wh. had no ch. and d. Feb. 1671. By third w. Lydia, d. of
Elder John Chipman, he had Hannah, Dec. 1675; Jonathan, 17 Apr.
1677; William, 20 Nov. 1680; Ruth, 26 Oct. 1686; Samuel, 15 Sept.
1688; Ebenezer, 25 Sept. 1690; Mehitable, 5 Sept. 1696; beside
Lydia, Deborah, Hope, and Sarah, whose dates are not seen. He d. 9