Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p16

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Volume 4, Page 16

1681, and he d. in Sept. or Oct. foll. His d. Sarah m. 14 Aug. 1656,
Richard Shute; and Elizabeth m. 28 Oct. 1669, Obadiah Allyn of Middletown.
THOMAS, New Haven, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 11 Oct.
1666, Elizabeth Paine, perhaps d. of John, had Samuel, b. 13 Sept. 1668;
Elizabeth Sept. 1671; Thomas, 13 Oct. 1673, d. soon; Ann, 19 Feb. 1675;
Thomas, again, 25 May 1677; William, 29 Nov. 1679; Sarah, 26 Nov.
1682; and, perhaps, more; was freem. 1669, and a propr. contin. 1685.
THOMAS, Scarborough 1663, subject to the same suspic. as attach. to the
name of Robert there. ZACHARY, Saybrook 1651, was, perhaps, first
at Hartford, m. a d. of John Rockwell of Windsor, had Zachary, b.
1653, d. young; Hannah, 1656; Ruth, 1659; Ezekiel, 1663, Deborah,
Jan. 1666; Sarah and Rebecca, tw. Nov. 1668; was freem. 1658, rep.
1657 and 8, and d. 23 Dec. 1668. His wid. was inhab. there 1672; d.
Hannah m. 16 Jan. 1680, Abraham Chalker; and Ruth m. 17 Apr.
1684, Samuel Bushnell. ZACHARY, Hartford, s. of Robert the first,
freem. 1669, m. Sarah, d. of Nathaniel Willet, had Sarah, b. 15 Nov.
1681; Zachary, 26 Apr. 1686; Ann and Rebecca, tw. 27 Aug. 1689;
and Abigail, 11 Oct. 1692. He kept that inn, where the Cts. sat, and d.
early in 1714, leav. only ch. Sarah, and Abigail. This name is spell.
with much variat. in early days the first syl. was Samp, and aft. d was the
end of that syl. Farmer found at the N. E. coll. sixteen gr. in 1828
half at Yale, three at Harv.

    SANGER, JOHN, Watertown, s. of Richard, blacksmith, m. 1685, Rebecca,
d. of Thomas Park, had John, b. 19 Dec. 1685; Rebecca, 7
Mar. 1689; Mary, 1 Mar. 1694; David, 21 Mar. 1697; Isaac, 9 Nov.
1699; and Elizabeth 21 June 1703; and he d. Jan. 1705. NATHANIEL,
Sherborn, br. of the preced. blacksmith, m. Mary, d. of Richard Cutter
of Cambridge, had Mehitable, b. 1680, at S. says Barry, but at Roxbury
had Mary, 30 Jan. 1682; a s. 9 Dec. 1684, d. soon; Nathaniel,
Dec. 1685; and Jane, 14 May 1688; rem. to Woodstock, a new planta.
there d. a. 1735, leav. wid. Ruth, and ch. beside those ment. bef. says
Barry, David, Elizabeth Jonathan, and Eleazer. RICHARD, Hingham 1636,
of wh. no more heard. RICHARD, Sudbury, said to have emb.
at Southampton, Apr. 1638, in the Confidence, of London, as serv. of
Edmund Goodenow of Dunhead, Co. Wilts, was a blacksmith, rem. to
Watertown, in the autumn of 1649, there, by w. Mary, d. of Robert
Reynolds the first of Boston, had Mary, b. 26 Sept. 1650; Nathaniel,
14 Feb. 1652; John, 6 Sept. 1657; and by sec. w. Sarah had Sarah, 19
Jan. 1662, d. soon; Sarah, again, 31 Mar. Richard, 22 Feb.
1667; Elizabeth 23 July 1668; and David, 21 Dec. 1670, wh. d. at 24 yrs.
prob. unm. and d. 20 Aug. 1691. His d. Mary m. 20 Sept. 1670, John
Harris. RICHARD, Sherborn, s. of the preced. blacksmith, m. Elizabeth d.