Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p160


Volume 4, Page 160

were partak. William, John, Elizabeth w. of John Woodwell, and Susanna,
w. of John Marston Jr. wh. was perhaps the miller of Salem in 1679.
WILLIAM, Salem 1678, freem. 1680. He was s. of Thomas, and m.
28 Nov. 1677, Priscilla Buckley, had Priscilla, b. 10 Oct. foll. and d.
next yr.; William, 21 July 1680, d. young; Thomas, 28 Mar. 1682;
Sarah, 17 Jan. 1684; William, again, 25 Dec. 1686; Priscilla, again,
3 Aug. 1689, prob. d. soon; for next is Priscilla, 1 May 1690; and
Simon, 1 Mar. 1695.

    STAFFORD, JOSEPH, Warwick, s. prob. youngest, of Thomas, m.
Sarah, fourth d. of Randall Houlden, had three s. and four ds. certain.
for the wills of hims. and of his w. give the names of Stukely, Joseph,
and John, beside ds. Francis Congdon, Elizabeth Case, Margaret Place,
and Sarah Smith. * SAMUEL, Warwick, s. of Thomas of the same,
m. Mercy, d. of Stukely Westcott; had, as in Friend's rec. at Newport
is seen, Stukely, b. 7 Nov. 1661; Amos, 8 Nov. 1665; Mercy, 8 July
1668; Sarah, 18 Apr. 1671; and Samuel, 19 Nov. 1673; but other ch.
he had, as nam. in his will, where the first, third, and fifth of that rec.
are not seen, leav. us the right of conject. that those were d. bef. him.
Substitutes for them appear in Thomas, the youngest, Patience, w. of
Howland, Freelove, w. of Tillinghast, and Elizabeth w. of Devotion. Amos
is call. the eldest s. and Sarah, eldest d. nam. Scranton. Gr. ch. too, are
found, Mercy Thurbar, and Mary Stafford, claim. the testator's regard.
He was oft. rep. in 1674 and chos. an Assist. and d. 20 Mar. 1718, aged
82. THOMAS, Newport of Portsmouth 1638, said to have been b. 1605,
and to have come to Plymouth 1626, and to have built there the first
mill for grind. corn by water, but this seems very loose rep. and the Col.
rec. that refer to the first mill aft. June 1635, do not ment. him. He
is found at Warwick 1652, among the freem. there 1655, rem. I presume
to Conn. whose Gen. Ct. gr. him, 1674, fifty acres; but he had been at
New London as early as 1662, and was at W. to end his days 1677.
He made his will 4 Nov. 1677,and d. soon aft. had Sarah, wh. m. 13
July 1667, and Deborah, wh. m. 9 June 1670, both to Amos Westcott;
Samuel; and Joseph. His will names w. Elizabeth eldest s. Thomas, and d.
Hannah, w. of Luke Bromley, beside the others. Claim was assert. by
him to be "of the blood of the Stafford," but of wh. Stafford is less clear,
and prob. unimport. tho. he perhaps had a coat of arms. THOMAS,
Warwick, s. of the preced. m. 28 Dec. 1671, Jane Dodge, had Thomas,
and William, but no dates are told, either of their or his own b. nor can
the f. of w. be trac.

    STAGPOLE, JAMES, Dover, had a gr. as Mr. Quint tells, 1694, but he
says that he was b. 1653, meaning, I suppose, in Eng. Possib. this
name has become Stackpole.

    STAINES, RICHARD, Boston 1654, sailmaker, had w. Joice, and ch.
Sarah, b. 16 Nov. 1655; Thomas, 16 Aug. 1658; Richard, 3 Dec.
1660; Rebecca, 26 Dec. 1662; and Ann, 29 Jan. 1664; for wh. in his
will of 24 Oct. 1672, pro. 1 Nov. foll. he made provis. The wid. m.
John Hall. Richard was a soldier in Philip's war, at Hatfield 1675.