Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p159


Volume 4, Page 159

prob. first at Stratford, next Woodbury, and d. 9 Apr. 1712, leav. many
ch. as Thomas, Samuel, Ebenezer, John, Hannah, Martha, Sarah, and
Elizabeth wh. all were bapt. Aug. 1697; beside Joseph, b. 25 Dec. 1698, as
Cottren tells. WILLIAM, Stamford, sold out this est. 1666, perhaps was
never resid.

    STRACKHOUSE, RICHARD, Salem 1638, had, as I judge, w. Susanna,
wh. join. the ch. 1648, ahd Jonathan, Hannah, and Abigail, Bapt. May
of that yr.; Ruth, 8 July 1649; Samuel, 13 Feb. 1653; and Mary, 25
June 1654; was, says Felt, in 1653, gr. the ferry to Beverly side, wh.
he enjoy. till 1686, and prob. he liv. in the town of B.

    STACY, STACE, STACIE or STACEY, sometimes STASY, HENRY, Marblehead
1648, may have been of Salem in 1677, and perhaps f. of Mary,
wh. m. a. 1667, John Parnell, and of the foll. HENRY, Lynn, m. 2
May 1673, Hannah Ingalls, had Ephraim, b. late in Aug. 1673; William,
3 Jan. 1675; Henry, 1 Apr. 1677; Sarah, 3 Jan. 1679; Ebenezer,
4 Jan. 1681; John, 30 Oct. 1682, d. in few days; and his w. d.
June 1684, when perhaps he rem. to Ipswich. HUGH, Plymouth 1621,
came in the Fortune, rem. to Dedham, where his w. and d. Hannah
were adm. of the ch. 1640, and the d. soon aft. d. as I infer from the
town rec. of Hannah, b. 17 Feb. 1641; rem. soon aft. and was of Lynn
or Salem, where he had gr. of ld. in 1640, says Felt, was made freem.
28 Feb. 1643, and Farmer says, his w. was adm. of Salem ch. 1659.
Possib. it was ano. of the same bapt. name; and he may have gone
home. for one Hugh Stacey was of the Congr. ch. with Rev. John
Philip, wh. went from our country, and organiz. that dissent. form at
Wrentham, in Co. Suffk. 1650. JOHN, Lynn or Marblehead 1641,
prob. br. of the first Henry, had John, bapt. at Salem 9 Oct. 1642;
Deborah, 22 Oct. 1643; and John, 29 Mar. 1646. He d. a. 1672, and
admin. on his est. was giv. to his wid. Elinor, wh. brot. inv. to Ct. 27
June. JOHN, Salem 1692, prob. s. of the preced. kept the Ship tavern
1692. MARK, of Exeter, perhaps, in 1689, I kn. not any more of.
RICHARD, Taunton 1643, d. 1687, and 7 Dec. of that yr. Thomas Lincoln
Jr. had adm. of his est. SAMUEL, Salem 1678. * SIMON, Ipswich
1641, freem. 1668, a capt. rep. 1685, 6, 9, and 90, d. 27 Oct. 1699,
THOMAS, Ipswich 1648, had William; Thomas; John, b. 1658, d.
young; Joseph, 1661; Simon, 1664,; John, again, 1666; beside Elizabeth
Mary,and Susanna. This is found by Bary; but ano. THOMAS, wh.
m. 4 Oct. 1653, Susanna Worcester, wh. must have been eldest ch.
of Rev. William, and had Thomas, b. 6 July 1654; William 21 Apr.
1656; Rebecca, 7 Dec. 1657; Elizabeth 10 Apr. 1659; Joseph, 27 June
1660; and Mary, 7 Nov. 1661, Coffin tells of, in his Extr. from old
Norfolk rec. Of his est. sett. in 1692, he says w. Susanna, and ch.